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Monday, October 15, 2012

Y’all…sometime I have to wonder about myself…

I promised I would share about my funny! Well here it is!

In my last P365 post I shared about a canning demonstration that Skoots1mom and I went to. If you are a regular here then you know I enjoy my time in the kitchen and I especially get a sense of connection to my Grandmother when I am canning my jam’s and jellies.

However you want to know my take away for the whole experience….what did I learn?

I was watching the woman do her demonstration. It was an epiphany of humiliation!

Several years ago for my birthday Skoots1mom gave me a “Thing and a Thing” as I have affectionately referred to them since she gave them to me.

You can click here to read the post about it!


Their official culinary terms are a jar lifter and funnel!

But I digress.

So there I am sitting in the room raptly watching the woman give us all the necessary details about the art of pressure canning when she reaches over and picked up “The Thing” and proceed to lift up one of the jars up to put in into the pot of steaming water.

I leaned over and whispered to Skoots “I have just realized I have been doing it wrong all these years!”

It was a revelation y’all!

And all for the bargain price of a dollar.

My mom’s idea of cooking as to open a box of hamburger helper, and by the time I was old enough to really appreciate learning from my grandmother she was simply not able to work side by side in the kitchen so it has been a process of learning on my own.

I just had to laugh at myself.

I had been using my jar lifer upside down for over four years and never even knew it.

My way….                                         The right way…

IMG_0925 IMG_0926

Y’all it was worth the dollar!

Sometime ya just have to laugh especially at yourself!




The Bug said...

That's hilarious! Well, and who would know?

Sassy Granny ... said...

It kind of makes me wonder how many things I'm not using according to the manufacturer's design? (Especially since I never read directions)

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