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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 42

I kept it kind of simple thins week. With all the activity of the sale this past weekend not to mention all the work we did leading up to the sale I needed a small break and a rest.

So here is my week!

No pictures on Sunday, October 14

Monday, October 15

I HATE to sew, but I am glad that I have a working knowledge of how to sew. I also love Skoots1mom as my Girlchild has benefitted from many many bags of clothing that her girl no longer could wear. This is the renovations of a previously long dress that the girlchild had been turning her nose up at for some time. It was, in her defense a bit too large so it required a good bit of taking in down the side and of course we shorted to just above the knee. This is now her new orchestra concert dress. Best of all I only had to invest a few short minutes of my time to get it up and running and there was no outlay of cash involved!


Tuesday, October 16

After I spent all that time getting all the crud off my flat top griddle, it now looks amazing. However it still needs a bit of seasoning to get it back to optimum condition. The good thing is that the more often you use the quicker it will get back to good and seasoned! These pancakes turned out really good.

What's the only thing that can get me to whip up a batch of pancakes on a Tuesday morning.

Grandma: “What do you want for breakfast this morning?”

Muffinhead: “Pancakes, Grandma!”


What a hardship, it may be a bit strange but I like a fried egg on top of my pancake. It adds a bit of savory to the sweet. It really is a good combination!


Wednesday, October 17

Now that fall is in full swing it is time to get my bread pans out and dust them off!

This is my first batch of Raisin Cinnamon Swirl bread!

IMG_0933_1 edit

Thursday, October 18

It turned out really good, if I do say so myself!


Friday, October 19

The other little thing I enjoy about the fall is the addition of a cup of hot tea on occasion. As you can also see I am making good use of my new cups and spoon rests too!


Muffinhead was intrigued with my hot tea, so what was a Grandma to do. I have been saving this tea set for about a billion years. The Girlchild and I used to use it as well. I got it down out of the cupboard and dusted it off and we had our very first tea party! Muffinhead takes her tea with lots of milk and sugar!


Saturday, October 20

It was rime to pick the Swiss Chard. I sautéed’ up some bacon, onion and garlic and then tossed in the greens. They were super yummy! I will be planting these again!


Well that was my week.

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!

We have been having some spectacular fall weather around these part. I am in hopes of getting some fall foliage pictures this coming week.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!




Kim said...

Robin, you're killin' me with all the yummy food shots! :) Seriously, it's a good thing I have a pot of chicken tortilla soup already simmering on the stove, or I'd be heading to the kitchen to start cooking!

How fun to have tea with Muffinhead :) And I like eggs on pancakes too!

Have a wonderful week!

skoots1mom said...

great pictures you captured; the drass looked pretty on her...oh my those heels!
tea time is lots of fun
i had my soup on the stove too; wish i had that bread though
your marmalade looks fantabulous

LuAnn said...

You made really hungary for carbs right now!!!

rita said...

Cute little black dress!
I also make pancakes only upon similar requests!
Love the glaze on the mug!
Having bread-making envy :-(
And that beautiful Swiss chard too.

rita said...

Oh, BTW, Mike's website hasn't been kept up. I hope he can do that this winter.

The Bug said...

Pretty girl in a pretty dress :) I love your mug & spoon rest - so cool that you made them! And I agree with Kim - those food pics are too yummy!


Precious shot of the little one. The breads looked yummy...and I LOVE pancakes...especially in the fall.

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