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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 40:

Hey There Y’all!

Here is my week.

Sunday, September 30

Sometime I can be a bit of a night owl. The curse of the fluctuating hormones. I found myself unable to sleep Saturday evening so I thought maybe a nice warm shower would help. Just call me graceful! I have a bathroom rug just outside my shower so normally I can maneuver myself from the shower to the closet with out incident. However the evil bathroom fairies chose to manipulate the bathroom space time continuum and I placed one foot down on the bathroom rug and with the other I stepped off onto the floor. WHAM! The next thing I knew there I was in a heap of wet towel and 52 year old limbs splayed out on my bathroom floor. Now remember that it’s after midnight, the Hub's is soundly snoring in the bed and I am laying on the bathroom floor…visions of the commercial “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” are running through my head. I am surprised the loud thumb didn't wake the hubs from his sleep but he managed to slumber though the occasion. Well I laid there for a few second collecting my thoughts and then I slowly began to make my way into a standing position. I got myself dried off and put my PJ’s on when I noticed not only had I thoroughly embarrassed myself but there was blood involved as well. I had managed to cut a few fingers in the process of trying to brace myself for impact.


Did we have any Band-Aids'….that would be NO! So there I am standing in my kitchen at 12:30 AM rummaging (while bleeding) through the contents of my small medicine chest trying to assemble all the necessary ingredients to make a home made band aide. Thankfully it was my left hand so I was not hindered by trying to awkwardly cut and bandage with my left hand. I eased into bed a few minute later all with a bruised ego, bruised backside and bandaged fingers.

It was a while before I actually fell asleep, so much for a relaxing warm shower! Yea for me!

Monday, October 1

It was a pottery day for me. However with bandaged fingers I was only able to do some hand building. However I do have a finished piece to show y’all. I love the way this small bowl turned out.


However, appearances can be a bit deceiving. It may look good on the outside but turn it over and you get a nice big fat CRACK!


Live and learn and move on! It a nice little bowl as long as you don't turn it over!

no pictures on Tuesday, October 2

Wednesday, October 3

This is me hanging out the third floor window at church trying to get a good picture of the sunset.

Oh well I tried at least!

100_1370 edit

Thursday, October 4

My first batch of homemade bread of the season. Baking is such a ht or miss kind of thing. I am still struggling with the texture and consistency in my baking. One batch will be wonderful and then then next no so much. This turned out OK, it was a bit on the dense side, good flavor but not the light tender bread we had in San Francisco! I am going to keep trying until I get it right!

IMG_0848_1 edit

Friday, October 5

It’s that time again. My blossom yield this past spring was non-existent. That is a sure sight that it is time to thin the bed, and my bed was in desperate need of thinning. The bulbs were so dug in and matted layer on top of layer, it’s no wonder they had stopped blooming.


Now the fun part begins! Prying them apart and then getting them back in the ground. The good part is that I have lots of spaces around the landscape that need filling in.

Saturday, October 6

We met up with Skoots1mom and family at the town square for the what they call Rock’n Rib Festival. They have had it for several years now, but this is the first year that I have gone. The Hub’s saw it advertised and thought it sounded like fun. They had live music, lots of crafting vendors, inflatable for the kids, face painting, and games and more food that you can shake a stick at.



I don’t know how many vendors were selling ribs, it was a contest  as well so they were all vying for first place. With all the rib deliciousness going on what did I mange to take a picture of?

The Girlchild's funnel cake and the bread pudding I got a sample of.

The ribs were goods, there were a few really good ones and then one of my selections was a not so much!


As we heading back home on Saturday evening I was about to pop we had sample so many ribs.

The weather was perfect, good friends, fellowship and good food! It was a score!

Well that was my week.

Y’all head over to Sara’s and link up for more P365 fun!



The Bug said...

Well that fall was scary! After I fell a few years ago & broke my tail bone I am EXTRA leery of heading toward the floor unexpectedly.

Love the sunset picture - & love your little bowl - just don't ever turn it over :)

Boy that bread pudding looks great!

Terri Tiffany said...

You had a great week except for that fall! ouch.My husband has always slept through mine as well. I LOVE LOVE your pottery and if you hate the cracked ones,send it this way! I collect pottery I find at thrift stores.
I think I need to bake some bread--it is cold enough. Need to get some yeast and go at it.


I made bread this week too. There is something about fall and bread baking...love it.

Heidi said...

I am so glad you didn't break anything and I'm not talkin' about the pottery here. That bowl is still good for many things and it is gorgeous! I can smell the home baked bread. Rockin' Rib festival- yes! And I love bread pudding, it is my favorite. Nice 365.

rita said...

Ouch!!! Are y'all better now?
You are getting so good at ceramics!
i do know what you mean , however, about those hidden flaws. Those are the pieces I find a use or place for, the ones he can't sell.
I was trying to see if you have a signature on the bottom???
Festivals are fun.
Have a good rest of the week.

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