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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 34

Well it was a full week! Lots of activity, lots of Muffinhead and some unexpected things.

Sunday, August 19

Now that school is back in session that means that the youth choir has stated there Sunday afternoon practices again. I don’t mind so much. It gives me some extended quiet time. I enjoy setting myself up in the church parlor with my Kindle or some bible study and wait it out. I have learned that my time is much more pleasant if i am not grumbling about being hungry waiting for the girl child to be finished so I take a small lunch. I am not sure why I have never tired Oikos Greek Yogurt before but oh my stars…I will defiantly be buying it again. I really liked it!


No pictures on Monday, August 20 

Tuesday, August 21

Muffinhead was my little kitchen helper again. We were elbow deep in pie crust and peaches!


It turned out a bit on the juicy/soupy side but sometimes that just happens!


The first unexpected thing was this! YIKES!!!

Someone stepped on the Girlchild’s violin! It was off to the repair shop the next day….


Wednesday, August 22

The next surprise was seeing this!

Now that the fall season is approaching the leaves are beginning to thin out on the cherry tree.

I notices that there was a nest in the crook of the tree!


Thursday, August 23

It was a productive day. I got 2 bags of manure, 2 bags of mushroom compost and 2 bags of soil conditioner tilled into my raised bed. I got out in the garden super early to avoid the heat and was done by 9:15 A.M. and on to my next project.

Project #2 was getting all the “CRAP” sorted into piles for my upcoming yard sale. Now all I have to do is make a few signs and price off a few things and I will be good to go!


Roasted Asparagus, Zucchini and some fresh tomatoes to go with our fried Pork Chops we had for dinner. I figures the roasted veggie would off set the fried pork chops! It’s a warped sort of logic but I think it’s working for me!


No pictures on Friday, August 24 but I got four different kinds of Lettuce planted as well as some Swiss Chard, Chives and some Spinach!

It will be salad time very soon!


Saturday, August 25

My week was so packed with activity that the only day I was able to make it over to my friends house to work on my pottery was Saturday morning. I am learning that working on the clay is a lot like working on the computer. You get started and then all of a sudden you find that it’s been five house since you sat down. I headed over to the studio and then before I knew it it was almost three o'clock!

I glazed off a few pieces and got one other cleaned up and got this challis assembled. I was pleased with the way this challis turned out. I think I may attempt to make a small plate to go with it for a communion set. The key word is attempt….


Well that was my week. Y’all send up a distress flair if all y’all are tired of seeing the pottery!



For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!


sara said...

Wow! you are doing so great with the clay! I am very impressed!!!

I share your reasoning about the veggies and fried pork chops!!! sounds solid to me! :)

Muffinhead is getting so big!!!!

rita said...

Love the roasted veggies!
You are seriously talented with the clay!

Kim said...

Very full week!
Peach pie -- YUM! I don't care if it's runny or not :)
Roasted asparagus sounds good too!
You're progressing so fast with your pottery skills!
Have a great week.

The Bug said...

The neighbor gave us some peaches - I'm just eating them with cool whip & on my cereal. Your pie looks MUCH better.

Ooh those veggies look yummy!

You're pottery is looking great! Love the chalice.


Loved all your pictures this week. I especially love tht yogurt brand and have in my fridge at home and work. Blueberry is my all time favorite. The pie and zucchini looked yummy too. Your challis is lovely. I glazed a molded one for my husband at his first church...and did a plate. I would love to do one from start to finish.

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