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Friday, August 31, 2012

In the Land of Teenager: Another True Story


She bursts through the door after school breathless with excitement!

Girlchild said: “Mom! It’s Ok if I go to the game tonight right?”

She proceeds to explain to me the so and so is on her way over to pick her up for the game because and I quote “She is already in the neighborhood picking somebody else up!”

Mom said: “Who is this person and how old is she?”

Girlchild said: “She is a friend from Orchestra, she is sixteen and she has been driving for a LONG time.”

I feel so much better….NOT

Mom said: “I'm not comfortable with you getting in the car with a person who I have never met, not to mention you springing this on me at the last minute!”

Girlchild said: “Mom! (eye rolling for emphasis!) you’re always uncomfortable about stuff like this!”


more talking, more whining, more parental admonitions all the while she is hastily getting ready to go…

Girlchild said: “Mom will you at least talk to so and so…..”


more talking, more questions…..


Mom said: “ What time does the game start?”

Girlchild said: “7:30…”

Mom said; “If the game does not start until 7:30 why are they coming to pick you up now (it’s 2:45) ? (the jury is still leaning towards the negative for her getting in the car with a strange teenager)

Girlchild said: “Oh we were just going to hang out!'”

Mom said: “Hang out where?”

Girlchild said: “Oh we are going to so and so’s boyfriends house!”



Can y’all guess what my answer was………….


That would be a BIG NO!

Needless to say she was a bit miffed, but not to fear I will be taking her to the game and then another mom will be bringing her back home!



The Bug said...

LOL - the eternal optimism of youth :)

skoots1mom said...

hahah, the important thing is to not answer quickly, keep them talking about the event, until...bang! they say the part that gives you the answer...
boyfriend' house
been there...remember that...good job, mom!

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