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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 32

Monday. August 6

Well it was shopping day for me. The son's wedding is just around the corned and I need to find a dress!!!!!!

I appealed to Skoots1mom for help as she is a professional shopper and I knew she could keep me motivated. We went to the Mall of Georgia and I think I tried on about a billion dresses, actually it was probably closer to a dozen or more, but it felt like a billion. I found one dress that I really liked, however it was the wrong size as well as color. At least I have a starting pint for what I know I want.


Tuesday, August 7

I think this is Bowl #5, I am beginning to loose count, but I am still having a wonderful time learning something new! It has a small divot in the rim, bur overall I was happy with the shape. However it met an untimely demise as it was knocked over and a chunk got chipped of the rim. I am learning that pottery is a lot like baking, it requires great patience as well as recognizing that it is an imperfect world and things happen. I thought it was a goner, but you will be surprised when I show how it get’s resolved! I will save that one for a later post after it gets fired and glazed. I cant wait to see how it turns out!


Wednesday, August 8

As I was leaving out of my subdivision Wednesday morning these two lovelies wandered out of the woods and slowly made their way across the road to nibble on the grass. I stopped the car and just watched for a few minutes. Our subdivision backs up to one of our many county parks. I have seen deer as I walked over at the park, but I have never seen them venture into our neighborhood before. It was a wonderful morning treat. I just stopped the car and enjoyed the view for a few minutes, that is until another car came up and spoiled the moment by passing me and scaring them off!


Thursday, August 9

I was checking my email on Thursday morning and I kept seeing some movement with my peripheral vision. I thought that the hummingbirds were stopping by for breakfast but every tie I saw the leaves twitch I would look and no hummingbirds. Finally I caught a glimpse of what it was. This sweet little green lizard was jumping from leaf to leaf just enjoying the morning dun. I grabbed the camera and snapped off a few pictures. He was very cooperative. He felt very secure in his magnificence and hung around for several minute so I could admire has awesomeness!


Just an FYI: I ordered the dress from Dillard's online when I got home, well it came today and it was a total bust. It was totally the wrong size and my definition of blue and Dillard's definition of blue obviously are way off. I have ordered two more different dresses, very similar in styles to the one pictured above, only they are tea/knee length. Which is what I really wanted to begin with. I am waiting for them to come. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer that one of them will work. If not all three are going back to the store…..and then I will have to do more shopping:(

Friday, August 10

It was a Muffinhead Day. We have modified the rules for Jenga to fit three year old requirements!


Saturday, August 11

I headed back over to my friends studio this morning to work on the pieces that have been fired!

These are the finished pieces that have been fired and waiting to glaze.

100_1131_1 edit

This is bowl #2 and #3 after they have been glazed. Now all that is left the second firing.


I am very eager to see how they turn out!!!!!!

Well that is my week!

I hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of summer. School is back in session (THANK YOU JESUS), I love the Girlchild, but I am so glad that she is back in school again! The joys of begin seventeen are a wonderful thing but now she can spread her teenage joy around the school yard, teachers and friends and not direct it at me all the time!

Well for more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!




sara said...

we see deer up at the church all the time. so fun!

I have a lizard that seems to greet me each morning I open the garage door..he is there waiting to come in!

can't wait to see the pottery after this last fire!!!!

The Bug said...

Love your pottery - & the deer & lizard. Good luck on the dress hunt.

LOL at the Girlchild spreading her teenage joy around :)

One question though - where are the food pictures this week? Ha!

rita said...

Cute and cooperative lizard.
Smart and sassy Muffinhead!
pretty and well proportioned pots!
Fun, fun, fun!

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