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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 52…WOW!

Church was canceled this morning! Want to know why?

They predicted it but I have to tell ya that until I saw it I was skeptical.

Snow on Christmas.

It began late in the afternoon and lasted all night long. By then end of the night we had a nice three or four inch blanket of snow covering the back yard.

I found myself with a spare few hours that is normally devoted to church so I was able to get my 365 together after breakfast. It was a pleasant break after all the activity of Christmas day of having a morning in my P.J.’s with a nice cup of Dunkin Donut's Vanilla flavored coffee.

So here is my week.

Sunday, December 19

I’m not sure what it is about Sundays, probably my tendency to observe the “day of rest” which includes picture taking. I have had several friends from church who have visited the Holy Land and they report that most of the hotels all have there elevators designated either odd or even so the patrons can choose which one to ride so all they have to do is step in and there is no button pushing involved, button pushing would constitute work and therefore break the Sabbath, so I think button pushing on my camera may fall under that category.

Monday, December 20

Monday I made my regular trip to the H Mart for veggies. My list was big this time as I was getting all the ingredients needed for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.


No pictures on Tuesday, December 21 or Wednesday, December 22

Thursday, December 23

The holiday’s usually put a kink in the plans of my accountability group. Usually we plan a New Years Day Brunch, this year things did not quite come together with all of our schedules so we ended up finding time to gather together for lunch on Thursday.

I had never been to Red Robin before, and after my burger experience it will defiantly be on the horizon to take the family back to in the very near future. I was so absorbed in my burger and factoring in that I had not eaten breakfast I dove into the juicy awesomeness without giving a second thought to taking a picture of how wonderful it looked.


I pulled this of there website, good burger….y’all need to go try one.

Whiskey River® BBQ Burger 

I have the best Accountably Sister’s y’all!

I came home with a beautiful ceramic bowl filled with all the fixing's for pop corn for a movie night, Dunkin Donut’s Coffee, hand lotion, hand made knitted gloves (thanks skoots1mom!) a beautiful Christmas plate full of cookies. We had a wonderful time of fellowship as we always do and came home stuffed to the gills with french fries and friendship.


My new gloves modeled by the DD and her freshly polished nails for the Christmas Eve service.


I was so busy on Friday, December 24 cooking that I totally forgot to take any pictures.

I made two pecan pies. The day before I had put on my FB status Chocolate Chip pr Oatmeal Raisin? Well with overwhelming support from all my FB pals the Chocolate Chip won hand down so a batch of Chocolate Chip cookie dough was prepped and waiting for the oven after church.

I put my Broccoli Casserole together as well as my Mashed Potato Casserole and got my stuffing together for the stuffed Portobello Mushrooms and got the rib roast prepped and ready for the oven as well. 

Saturday, December 25

One of my favorite things to do is sit and wait for my family to stir on Christmas Morning. Now that my remaining child is nearly grown the morning of the mad dash to the tree are over. Buster and I sat and enjoyed the glow of the tree in my living room.


Another tradition at my house on Christmas morning is a Mimosa! In my opinion it is the only true way to drink orange juice!


Sufferer’s from high cholesterol beware. We had Eggs Benedict for breakfast. I had never made them before and even if I do say so myself it was TO DIE FOR…literally! If you factor in the 4 egg yolks' and 1 1/2 sticks of butter in the hollandaise sauce and then the poached eggs and Canadian bacon, but it was worth every gram cholesterol.

The roasted herbed new potatoes were really good too!


The DS and family came over for Christmas dinner. Muffinhead had a great time running circles in my house and opening all her presents. However after about three presents she had reached her threshold.


“Grandma HELP ME PLEASE! Nooooooo moooooooore presents. I got stuff to doooooooooooo!”

Y’all she is just a little whirlwind. She never sits still for a minute!


This is the table before Muffinhead got a hold of it!


I came back into the kitchen and she had crawled up into every chair and had made the muffinhead tablescape.


The Pecan Pie, one plain and one with cream cheese.


As Christmas dinner’s go this one in all honesty was a bit of a disappointment. After the success I had a few weeks ago with the previous prime rib I was still basking in the afterglow of the fork tender tender juiciness. However the meat fairy was not kind to me this year. After having a slight miss hap and letting it go about 15 degrees past optimum temperature it was a bit overcooked. Then shoe leather I think would have bee easier to chew. The Broccoli casserole and mashed potatoes were good at least. I even had to toss my Portobello mushrooms in the trash, when I pulled them out of the fridg to get them stuffed and ready for the oven they were covered with a nice coating of yucky mold. Not very appetizing at all.

As we were all hacking away at the prime rib shoe leather I kept hearing the words of Alton Brown, “Great Chef’s have bad days, I’m sorry you will not be the Next Iron Chef!” Live and learn. It was just not a good piece of meat. I bought a 10 pound rib roast, I cooked half of it on Christmas day and now I have a two pound rib roast and three rib eyes wrapped up in the freezer. Anybody need some frozen hockey pucks or a two pound doorstop let me know and I'll FedEx them to ya!


After dinner we broke in our newest board game, that is another family tradition. We always find a new board game under the tree each Christmas.

We had great fun learning how to play a new game. If you are looking for a good party game then this fits the bill. Its easy and lots of fun!


Well that’s it for me and this weeks 365.

For more 365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas day!



The Bug said...

I'm sorry your prime rib wasn't a success, but that breakfast looks fabulous!

I love Red Robin - thank goodness I can't get there very often or I'd be big as a barn.

Glad you had a nice Christmas. It's been fun getting to know you this year.

Rebecca Jo said...

Your tree is beautiful with the glow... so home-y right by the fireplace.

Looks like its been a fun, busy week!!!

sara said...

I want to come to your house for breakfast!!! Eggs Benedict is my FAVorite!!!! And yours looks amazing!

Wonderful Christmas pictures!!

Happy new Year!!!

RaD said...

Your table was beautiful and the little Muffinhead is a cutie! Sorry about your dinner, sometimes we do have off days, too bad it had to be that one. I hope everyone was nice.

skoots1mom said...

the drysack sherry i bought might be a good marinade for your meat...it would help break down the fibers...or a good apple cider vinegar and spice soak for a couple of hours might help it...so sorry your food didn't want to cooperate...i know it WASN'T the cook ;)

Tori said...

Red Robin does have some yummy burgers!
Those gloves are gorgeous!!
You always make me drool with your food.
The picture of the solitude in front of the tree looks like a perfect reflecting place!
Have a Happy New Year!

Kim said...

Bummer on the meat and mushrooms, but looks like there was plenty of other good stuff!

Muffinhead just keeps getting cuter and cuter :)

Have a very Happy New Year!!!

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