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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 50

Sunday, December 5

In last weeks P365 I showed y’all the pictures of making my pumpkin puree. Well here is the finished product. The jury is still out I’m afraid. It had very good flavor but for me I think the texture was a bit different, but then every pumpkin pie I have ever eaten was probably made from canned pumpkin. It was a very smooth consistency, that was not the problem. It was a very soft almost a chiffon consistency as far as pies go. I think I may investigate other recipes and see if possibly there might be a different recipe that would lend itself to a firmer more custard or cheese cake like consistency.


If you are a fan of Pumpkin pie then I think you will like Alton Brown’s  recipe. 

Monday, December 6

There were a lot of culinary first this week. I made some French Onion Soup and if I do say so myself it was delish!!!!


I hesitate to call this my new favorite thing, but it is really pretty good aside from it being hugely expensive. This small container that is not even a cup is over $6.00. It looks like real sugar and has a very pleasant taste. It does have a slight after taste but it is much better in my opinion that Splenda or Equal, that is if you’re a millionaire.


Tuesday, December 7

I don’t normally have my stove going on all 4 burners but I wanted to get a shot of my new cookware in action. I have a pot of apple butter simmering on the very back burner, that will be for a later post. My broccoli going in the steamer and my creamed potatoes in the back right and the sauce up front for the Baby Back Ribs that were waiting to get sauced up and run under the broiler.


Wednesday, December 8

These are my newest Christmas decorations. I went to Hobby Lobby in search of some silk poinsettias and left with these candle rings. Even at 50% the silk poinsettia were still a bit on the pricy side plus they were just the floral bunches and I would have had to purchase pot’s, floral foam and that messy Spanish moss and then I would have had to actually make the arrangements…not what I was up for not to mention not what I was willing to pay for. Maybe I’ll get lucky and there will still be some left when they mark everything down 80% after Christmas.



Thursday, December 9

These are my two newest ornaments. This one reminded me of our sweet Buster that I had to bring it home.

IMG_4532 IMG_0455

I have three ornament collection on my tree. I have birds, crosses and angels. This beautiful silver cross was 50% off so at about $1.00 I figured I had to buy it…..


Oooppppsss no pictures on Friday, December 10 

Saturday, December 11

The rule at my house is if I cook and I cook all the time then I don't have to clean it. I have the best husband y’all. This is the picture in my kitchen most nights after supper. He’s a keeper y'all!!


Well as far as Saturdays go this on has been super busy but I vowed to try and get my 365 up and running and se to auto post before I hit the pillow tonight. So far today I have made two separate trips back and fourth to church and I will have to make a third trip out in a bit to fetch the DD from a Youth Choir Christmas party. They were hitting the streets to go caroling at a nursing home and then to a few neighborhoods and then back the choir directors house for Pizza and a Wii, fun for her but all I did to day was drive her around.

Well that’s it for me and this weeks 365, for more y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!

I’m totally shocked and it is almost a border line miracle that I only missed one day this week.

Blessing and can y’all believe that the year is almost over?????

Not me!




sara said...

that pumpkin pie looks so good. the real stuff does have a different consistency but the taste is so yummy!!!

french onion soup is one of my favorites and that looks delicious!!!!

great week!

The Bug said...

Mmm - I want some of that French onion soup NOW! Love your new candle holders - very pretty. Now that Dr. M is working full time I'm having to cook a LOT more, but I still do all the dishes. There's something wrong with that picture!

rita said...

I made a note to self to cut up and puree our Halloween pumpkin this week. I always do that and make pies quite successfully, I might add. Will take a look at Alton's recipe.
Have a GOOD week.

Kim said...

I say just make pumpkin cheesecake! :)
And that onion soup looks to-die-for yummy!
I think those candle holders are adorable. Very holiday-ish but could be used at other times of the year too.
So you likin' the new cookware, I take it? :) Sure putting it to work!
Have a great week!

Sarah said...

Everything just looks too yummy :)

Hint on the pumpkin: strain it a bit through some cheesecloth and it will be a touch thicker. But it won't be as thick as canned and that's a good thing.

Emily said...

Mmmm.. that soup looks to die for!! <3 And I love love love the pictures of the decorations. God bless!!!

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