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Thursday, December 9, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree….

Linda over at 2nd Cup of Coffee is hosting a Holiday meme today! It’s time to have a blogosphere tour of holiday trees and favorite ornaments.

Decorating the tree at my house is a staged event consisting of several phases. I don't think in the history of Christmas at the Be Still and Know household it has eve been completed on one evening. It used to be a family affair but over the years as the children have flown the coop and gotten fully immersed in the iPod and hair care products it has morphed into a singular activity. The Hubs get the tree standing up right and then retires to the chair to supervise.

Tuesday afternoon I finally got the last ornament on the tree and it’s as decorated as it is going to get this year.

I will admit to having a bit of lackadaisical attitude about the holiday decorating this year and I have done a somewhat what abbreviated version this year. The majority of the garland and decorative nic-nack’s are remaining packed away this year in favor of just a few holiday highlights scattered around my home.


Here is the view of the tree and the mantel. I am still looking for some poinsettia to place on the mantle. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday looking for artificial but did not find any within my price range which is really cheap so maybe I’ll have better luck at the old Wal-Mart later this afternoon.


I think I may have shared pictures of these treasured ornaments before but do mom’s ever get tired of showing casing the brilliance of their precious little ones even when they are not so little any more. We all have them. The sweet little handmade ornaments put together with Elmer's school glue and Sunday school craft supplies. These three ornament are my top three favorites.

IMG_4533 IMG_4529IMG_4528

My new favorites are from our latest vacation. For some time now we have made a point of making sure we pick up a Christmas ornament from our various travels.

This one is from our visit to Mount Rushmore….duh! But it is really nice I think!


I love this one from Yellowstone. It is a moose holding a fishing pole with a fish inside a bloke of frozen ice on the end of his line.


These last two are my newest additions. Each year I give the sale rack at Hobby Lobby the once over and try and add to the stash of decorations. I did a bit of early shopping yesterday. These were only 50% off but I had to get this gorgeous silver cross and this sweet puppy ornament so captured the spirit of our own sweet Buster that it made it’s way to my cart.



These aren't really ornament but I got these decorative candle rings for a steal at Hobby Lobby and I thought they were kinda cool.

IMG_4524 IMG_4523

Well that all the decorations here at Be Still and Know Christmas 2010. So for more festive fun y’all head over to Linda’s and link up.


Merry Christmas Y’all



Catherine West said...

Robin! I am the same way. I LOVE Christmas ornaments. I try to buy them from wherever we travel, and I always like to get personal ones for the kids. It's interesting how we have gone from a collection of baseball, basketball players to guitars - ballerinas to cameras! Most of the ornaments on our tree tell a story. I love the idea of posting about all this - unfortunately we don't have our tree up yet!! We always wait until my daughter comes home from college to do that, which is next week! Yours looks fabulous!

Terri Tiffany said...

Your tree is beautiful and big! I really like it and your mantle. I am sort of like you this year, I only brought out about half of my decorations. I did the living room and part of the dining room and that's it.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Robin, your comment about going the decorating alone really struck a chord; it's just not quite the same since they're older and in Ipod world. What a beautiful job you have done. I also love your white fireplace and green wall. Really makes the red pop. Thanks for sharing the beauty and memories.

Joyce said...

Your tree is beautiful. I'm hoping to link up on the holiday home tour over at The Nesters next week and I didn't want to post my trees twice : )

We managed to decorate our trees when my girls were home for Thanksgiving. Hubs thought it too early but was persuaded when he realized it would just be the two of us if we didn't do it then. It is definitely not the same without kids at home.

I love your wreath too!

Ginger said...

Beautifuly detailed pics. I love how we both used Oh Christmas Tree... too funny. And look at the similarities in our style.

Ginger said...

Oops beautifully. Sorry... ha!

Susanne said...

I've really done a pared down version of my usual decorating this year and that included the tree. Not every decoration made it on there.

Your tree is lovely as is your mantle!

Kim said...

For some reason my kids rarely made ornaments in SS...in fact I have only one my daughter made. Hmmmm.

Anyway, enjoying seeing some of your oh-so-pretty ornaments! Those candle holders are VERY cool!

Merry Christmas!!!

Angie said...

Love the decorations! I may load my tree up a little more this year; you've inspired me. :)

Love the sale items, especially the candles on the table. Fun!

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