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Monday, October 25, 2010

Why is it…

Waking up to a rousing thunderstorm snug in my bed is wonderful.

Listening to the rain beat again my sound roof is amazing.

While I sit and drink my first cup of coffee and have my prayer time I listen to the rain.

Yes Lord I hear you!

A thought wanders through.

Why is it so amazing to sit and listen to the rain?

Then another question seeps in.

Why is the thought of having to go out to the grocery store in that same rain such a chore?

What’s the common denominator?

Is it the gift of a morning thunderstorm or is it my attitude?

The rain has not changed but my thinking on how I approach the gift has.

I was also reminded this morning that for as much as this gift comforts me there are others for whom thunderstorms cause great distress.

Lord please bring comfort to them.

For “L” from “R”





lailani said...

And I thirst for rain, even a thunderstorm (you are right about those who are deathly of afraid though).

All but towns in Georgia recieved rain yesterday. Alma did not. And my town did not. I was so disappointed. Every dark cloud that came near I watched and anticipated it to pour on down. I am glad you recieved some and were able to enjoy it :)

lailani said...

That was suppose to be "two" towns :)

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