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Friday, October 8, 2010

Flashback Friday ~ Red Rover, Red Rover Send Robin Right Over

Did you play many games when you were growing up?

That would be a BIG yes!

What were they? (Include outside games as well as board & card games.)

Outside Games: Red Rover, Simon Say’s, Follow the Leader, Hide & Seek, Duck Duck Goose, Red Light Green Light, Farmer in the Dell…

Board games: Candy Land, Life, Monopoly, Clue, Toss Across, Battleship, Dream Date, Twister, Chinese Checkers (my grandparent had a Chinese Checker set and I have wonderful memories of playing this game with my grandfather),Checkers, Dominoes.

Did your entire family play games or just the kids?

Usually just the kids! I remember games were generally played at sleepovers or parties. Summer time outside games were played with other neighborhood children. One of the things I do remember about living in an apartment complex is that there were usually lots of other kids around.

Were there any traditional games your family always played?

The one thing I do remember playing as a family were the Car Games. You remember those games you played on the long car trips and the trip from Georgia to Ohio where my grandparents lived seemed like forever in the back seat of my mom’s dodge dart! We played the ABC Game, License Plate Game, The Cow Game…

What were your favorites?

I don't remember having any particular favorites. I do remember the times we would veer form the rules. There were times when playing Monopoly especially when either my sister or me would find ourselves without the appropriate funds to pay rent. A little know rule back in the day was the Natural Disaster Clause. If you landed on Park Place with a hotel and you had no money you could evoke this little know clause and the hotels could be swept from the board by a tornado and then the game was declared over!

Are they still around today?

We have Life, Monopoly and Clue upstairs on the game shelf right now! We are big game people here. My daughter loved to play games when she was little so there has usually been a new board game under the Christmas tree every year. Our favorites now are Jenga, Pictureika and Uno. Now that she is a teenager she has moved away from wanting to play a game with her mom, but every now and again I can get her to play a game of Jenga with me. I am really looking forward to Muffinhead getting to the Candyland stage!

What about puzzles?

We did not do many puzzles. What I remember (and I still love doing them even today) were the word search puzzles. I also remember playing games like hangman, and other games that you played with one other person with a pad of paper and an pencil.

Well that’s it for me and this weeks Flashback Friday!

Y’all head over to Mocha with Linda and link up for more Flashback Fun then get out those board games!




Joyce said...

These are fun to read today. I love that Natural Disaster Clause-Ha! I'm going to remember that next time I'm in a too long game of Monopoly : )

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mocha with Linda said...

Fun post. Love the National Disaster Clause! That's a new one to me!

Mary said...

We used to play those car games on our trips from Tn. to Tx. since mom wouldn't get out the "real games" until the 2nd day! I've never heard of "the Cow Game".

Nel said...

What fun memories. I had never heard of the Natural Disaster Clause - will have to remember that one! I had forgotten about Twister. We used to play Twister all the time at my cousins. What fun it would be and the laughter it would cause! Fun memories.
until next time... nel

Nanato4 said...

What fun! Especially the Natural Disaster Clause! I may have to use that the next time I'm stuck in a neverending game of Monopoly! LOL

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