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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 41

Well I am not entirely sure what to say or how to begin. In my history of project 365 this week has topped my list of failures as I missed almost every day this week.

Sunday, October 3

Now that the fall weather has eased back in my desire for a nice latte has returned. I dusted off the ol’ cappuccino maker and brewed myself up a nice Chi Latte in my Yellowstone Cappuccino Mug on Sunday afternoon! I will say that my foaming technique could have used a bit of work! I was out of practice!!!


Friday, October 8

After a full week of afternoon latte’s my barista mojo had returned. Now that’s a nice frothy cup!

 IMG_4216  IMG_4220 

What can I say I did not give my camera another thought until Muffinhead walked through the door on Friday afternoon!

We colored!


We sang,clapped, giggled, squealed, fake sneezed and played patty cake!

IMG_4225 IMG_4227 IMG_4229 IMG_4230 IMG_4232 IMG_4233


Well if you want to visit some folks who possible did take a picture every day this week y’all head over to Sara’s for more 365 fun!




sara said...

that is about the cutest video I have seen!!!!

no worries about the pictures. some weeks are like that. but you can come to my house and make me a latte if you want!!! please?!

The Bug said...

Well, your beverages look great & muffin head is too cute - so that's all good!

Tori said...

That is some serious foam!!
Oh Miss Muffinhead...could you be any cuter!
Have a super week!

He & Me + 3 said...

That video made me laugh out loud. Oh the squealing. Love it.
Those are nice looking lattes. YUM

Kim said...

I, for one, think all the cute photos of Muffinhead make up for the ones you didn't take earlier in the week :)

lailani said...

A warm fuzzy post all the same :)

rita said...

Foamy lattes and singin'squealin' Muffinhead, what could be better?


I like to color. I have a bunch of grandkids that love to keep me and grandma very busy :-)

Mary said...

How did you make the chi latte? I have a cappuccino machine, and LOVE chi lattes from Panera, but would really like to know how to make them at home. THANKS!

McCrakensx4 said...

I wish I like lattes..that looks so very yummy. And love all those precious pics of that smiling beauty!

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