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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to solve a problem…

Last week I had a minor tragic mishap with my cappuccino maker. One of the critical components to this machine is a small black plastic piece that is about the size of your pinky. It is the piece that makes all that wonderful frothiness, Y’all know me I like mine with extra foam! One afternoon as I was cleaning the machine and this piece broke, which of course given the HUGE importance of my afternoon latte’s, sent me directly in search of the customer service toll free number.

I explained to the wonderful woman on the phone that I needed to place an order for a replacement part ASAP. I was informed that the piece I was looking for was not in stock and would probably take about 6 to 8 week for new part to arrive at the warehouse.


In what I can only describe as an act of compassion the customer service person took pity on me and after about 20 minutes she finally found a piece that she thought might solve my problem.

This piece was shipped off to me that afternoon and I waited for it to arrive.

Later that afternoon I cautiously made a delicate repair with some super glue and then crossed my fingers to see if this would be successful. The glue held and I was able to maintain my emotional well being as well as my afternoon latte’s.

A few days later the new part arrived in the mail. I joyfully ripped open the wonderful padded envelope only to discover that it was not the piece we had discussed at all.

NOT the piece!!!!


I raced back to the phone and frantically called for an emergency intervention, the balance of my peace of mind is directly connected to the frequency of my afternoon latte’s and my emotional well being was beginning to be effected.

I remained calm as I explained my dilemma. All I really needed was this small black plastic piece. I even went in search of the manual so I could accurately refer to the schematics for the proper technical term so there would be no further confusion on any ones part.

“I need the black plastic Frothing Aid” I explained as I clutched the manual in my shaking little hand. Visions of no more afternoon frothiness was simply too much to fathom. I could hear the woman frantically pecking away at her keyboard trying to locate this critical piece.

Small…Black…Plastic…about the size of my pinky…how hard could it be?


Obviously harder that I counted on.

After a few minutes the customer service woman instructed me to go to my unit and unplug it from the wall and read to her the small numbers on the prongs of the cord. A few clicks later and the woman said “I can not locate the necessary part to complete your order. M’am, I’m going to have to send you a whole new unit.”

My eyebrows raised a bit.

“Well, that’s a way to solve a problem!” I thought to myself.

All I needed was a small black plastic piece that probably cost the manufacture a few cents to produce, what did I get?

A brand new Cappuccino maker that is now sitting on my kitchen table.



Well there ya go!

The Be Still and Know Coffee Shoppe is back in operation, y’all stop by any time!





Patrice said...

Wow, that's great! :o)

Ann Nichols said...

What a nice ending to the little/big problem - I mean, God willing, may all your problems be like this one and resolved so well! "Be still and know that I am God..." He knows what we need even if it is a special coffee maker that works properly!
Really sweet!
PS I'm your newest follower - have to see if you have any more adventures in coffee making! :)

Nel said...

Glad you got it replaced, I know how frustrating that can be. We have a Cusinart Coffee Pot that they have replaced 3 times. Thank God it had a good warranty! I think next time we will have to get a new one. I am not a coffee drinker, but I might enjoy the cappucino maker. hmmmmm
until next time... nel

Terri Tiffany said...

Wow!! And here you were trying to save them money and they ship a whole new one! THat is customer service.

Thena said...

That's awesome.

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