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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 40

Y’all it was a gorgeous fall week here! The weather was amazing and my windows were open.

Monday, September 27

A Severe Thunderstorm Warning.



Wednesday, September 29

A touch of Fall for Bible Study today!


Lunch @ Panera! The salad was good, the soup was good but I really go there for the BREAD!


Thursday, September 30In my younger days, my room mate and I used to spend our Saturday going to thrift stores. We enjoyed sorting through all the treasures. Ya just never knew what you were going to find. At the time I was really into vintage hats. Y’all remember those youthful days of looking for just the right “thing” that was going to se you apart as being uniquely you! I loved finding a vintage hat.

 IMG_4197 IMG_4199 IMG_4200 IMG_4207

Well I was digging around in my closet the other day and came across these boxes. Inside were all the vintage hat that I had saved. I am contemplated maybe doing a shadow box with some of them an hanging it on the wall in my newly cleaned out sitting room. This all hinges on finding the appropriate shadow box on sale for a ridiculous clearanced out price at the Hobby Lobby. I’m just saying!

Saturday, October 2

The beginnings of painting number 2!


It’s that time again. Or for me it that time for the very first time. When the son was coming around he wanted nothing to do with the rights of passage such as Homecoming dances so at the most I had to shop for a black sport coat which he was probably not going to wear any way.

Now it is a whole different ball game.

With the BFF in tow we made a stop at Kohl's on Saturday afternoon. After a dozen or more dresses this one made the final cut, however we found a rather large stain on front so it got put back on the rack.

The DD has shopped for new make up and is making critical decision such as curly or straight, heels or flats, earrings and other homecoming related issues. All was not lost as we made a stop at an exclusive boutique Called Skoots1mom Daughter’s Closet and thankfully found the perfect dress. Now all we need are the shoes! Since we did not have to lay out any cash for the dress there may be a mani-pedi in the near future as well!


After shopping I had to make a stop at the grocery story and low and behold I just love it when my four favorite words show up in the meat section. Four packages of baby Back Ribs and a T Bone Steak!


Well For today I will refrain from whining about missing a day or three and just forge ahead!


For more Project 365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!




Cant wait for some good fall color to show up in our Project 365.  As soon as it get’s here we may have to make a trip up to the mountains.


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my... I'm now craving Panera...

rita said...

Great dress find! Our granddaughter wore her mother's prom dress and it was an absolute success.
Love those vintage hats. I think they'd look great just hanging on the wall.
Have fun with the painting!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...


Love, love, love the vintage hats. Here's hoping for that "ridiculous clearanced out price at the Hobby Lobby"! I think you've got a great idea!

Homecoming. How fun!

The Bug said...

Love those hats! I have a couple of my grandmother's vintage ones too (if she were alive she might bristle at the word "vintage" since she bought them new!).

Can't wait to see a pic of the "homecoming queen" in her final glory (that didn't sound right - I mean in the dress she ended up wearing LOL).

Kim said...

I remember going to a tea shop in Atlanta back in 2003. When you went in they had each lady pick a vintage hat from the several baskets of hats they had on hand, so we could properly appreciate the whole high tea experience :) It was so fun! I have collected a few myself... down the road I'd love to have a ladies tea and do something similar! Now there's an idea for you, Robin! Throw a proper ladies tea :)

Oh, the bread at Panera. I drool thinking about their cinnamon crunch bagels. *sigh* Adding to my list of foods to eat while in the states :)

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