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Monday, September 21, 2009

A little rain…NOT…a whole lotta rain…YOU BET!!!

Thankfully the rain did not impact our neighborhood beyond some slight pooling at the bottom of the hills which are plentiful in my neighborhood as there is not a street in the neighborhood that run level.

This is a small very small,  by comparison as some people have been dealing with sever flooding and there have even been reports of the floods causing at least two deaths in this county alone, taste of what we have been dealing with today.

We usually get a small amount of water in the back yard during a heavy down pour and then it quickly recedes. Thankful my street has a significant slope to it so all the water is quickly washing down the hill.

Please be in pray for one of my friends who had about 6 inches of water in her home and the rain is still falling.




skoots1mom said...

you really did have a river...i haven't taken any pictures yet...maybe 2morrow. i talked with LB. They're doing ok...but their water is rising again. They're going to stay home 2night...the kids, too. MB is doing okay still...LB said he slept most of the night (yeahhhhhh!) I was so glad to hear that piece. Their furniture has been moved to a neighbor's garage until the water's gone, the chlorine treatments can be done and the flooring redone. What a mess!

lailani said...

Praying for a break in rain. When I was flipping channels this morning and hit the Atlanta station talking about a mudslide, I was stumped. I am amazed at the amount of rain and the pictures from Atlanta. It saddens me, floods stink.

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