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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I don’t get it…

and really I don’t want to get it either…

I am not a sport enthusiast.

I don’t get football, baseball, tennis, golf, hockey, soccer etc…it all just goes over my head.

Here lately that old familiar feeling of being out of the loop has returned. As football season has gotten back in the swing of things the familiar commercials every two minutes have returned, team flags begin to pop up, cars are decorated, houses are decorated, faces are decorated.

When I check my Facebook page I see all the status updates with witty remarks about the different teams, updates on scores and the lamenting about a loss.

“Roll Tide” what’s that??? Alabama or Tennessee or well you get the picture!

I don’t get it folks.

During a Sunday school lesson or sermon when the inevitable sports analogy is used as an illustration well my mind starts to wander.

When sport figures are mentioned during lunch or just in general conversation I never know who they are.

Confession time: I did not know who Michael Vick was until he got arrested for the dog fighting and then I had to call a friend and ask who he was and why everyone was so upset, and I live in the state that he played football for. Sad but true!

The abbreviations confuse me too, NFL, AFL, NCAA, Pack Ten, the different regions, it just is all too confusing. The terms confuse me, first in 10, line of scrimmage…I don’t know what this means.

Do I want to know? Not really!

After 27 years of marriage I have finally learned to appreciate the delicate intricacies of NASCAR, however the constant sponsor changing and team rearranging is maddening. I get the drivers memorized by the hood sponsor then someone gets their panties in a wad and moves to another team and sometimes they even change car numbers. Well that sends me over the edge. And don’t get me started on the constant rule changing. Now after so many races and so many points they all get wiped clean and the only ones that count are the top 10 or 12 drivers.

The phrase “I don’t get it!” is simple not strong enough!

So now that you all know that I don’t get it, well nothing much changes, I just wanted to get it off my chest.

As the football season gears up for this year I will be the one with the glazed look on my face while everyone else is having a wonderful time going to tailgating parties, buying big foam fingers, wearing team colors and screaming at their televisions!

I’ll be playing Farmville and blog-hopping!




lailani said...

I get your "I don't get it." I remember a couple weeks before Vicks dog issues came out, a co worker going on and on asking if I saw what Michael Vick did the night before - I remember asking her if he played basketball. hehe I do not understand the "down" stuff - only touchdown. I have had it explained, I just don't retain it. I suppose b/c I just really don't care. :)

Now I felt out of the loop with facebook this week with all the Kanye West comments. I still do not know who he is, but I did seek out the clip of lack of control. I just do not know all the music artist name anymore either.

Have a great day!

skoots1mom said...

The marketing world THRIVES on voluminous change, every year, month, day and sometimes down to the minute...what's new, what's the latest 'gossip'...
and sports don't fall far behind because they are so 'fan' driven and 'sponsor' driven.
I'm a big sports fan like I am a music fan...I cross ALL the lines and know a little about ALOT...
love me some college SEC football,
love me some professional baseball(I even keeps stats on a scorer's card for FUN)
love me some pro tennis (until someone like SW puts her foot in her mouth and makes the game a momentary embarrassment)
love me LOTS of music types (classical to country, back across contemporary christian and all the way to bluegrass)...love 'em all...thank you, Jesus, for giving me a love for MANY things...sometimes too many things. so I limit myself without getting too deeply entrenched in any of the seasons, people or gossip. When it gets crazy or ugly, I TURN IT OFF and crochet or draw :)

Ladybird World Mother said...

Me too. You should live in this house... no one really gets it apart from Wimbledon and we all love that.

Greg C said...

I haven't tried farmville but I will be blog hopping right beside you. There are very few sports that I enjoy watching. And I didn't know who the dog fighting guy was either. And the old guy that came back to football????? Who is he?

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Oh, I am SO with you, girlfriend. I so don't get it either. Several of the ladies in my small group DO get it and enjoy sports...football I think. I was shocked when yet another two starting saying "did you see so-and-so?" I didn't know they watched football, let alone know all the players to call them by name.

I don't know who Michael Vick is, still don't since you didn't spell that one out for me. I get from your comment he plays some sort of sport though.

To each their own, I guess.

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