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Monday, May 26, 2008

Then and Now

In honor of Memorial Day my daughter and I seized the moment and left my van in the driveway and walked the mile plus through the park that is next to our subdivision to watch the Annual Memorial Day Parade. We found a nice shady spot and set up our chairs. We had the perfect vantage point in between the library and fire station, we sat and watched as fire trucks, motorcycle officers, retired veterans in military vehicles, civic groups, the local high school prom queen and her court paraded by.

Lots (and lots) of sparkly tiaras and miss this or miss that, cheerleaders, girl scouts and boy scouts.

Now I can defiantly say that the candy tossing took on a new dimension as soon as the boy scouts paraded through. The term duck and cover took on a whole new meaning as they lobed and pelted large handfuls of candy with near rocket precision. Thankfully no one was blinded by the speeding bullets of hard candy and tootsie rolls.

Let’s just say if you could sit on a flat bed and toss candy you were qualified to participate in this parade.

It was a true slice of Americana one float after another.

Tractors (over a hundred at least) antique & classic cars, including a silver Mustang that would have made my husband drool. Clowns and horses, Shriner's, Politicians on and on they went one after another.

But by far the most moving float to come through was at the very beginning.

We can all picture the photograph of the flag rising at Iwo Jima.

Well a float came through with a live re-creation of this event. As the scene came into view there was almost a hush in the crown and then you became fully aware of what it was that you were looking at.

I watched as this scene went slowly by in front of me. I was so moved that tears welled up within me. The reality of what the day was really all about really connected with me. My father in-law is retired military. He served two tours in Vietnam. He rarely talks about his experience but I know from comments that my mother in-law has made, it left a deep scar on his heart that has never truly healed.

This scene before me was in his honor, and I looked at my daughter and told her how special this day was. Why we were celebrating and who we were honoring.

Her grandfather is among those who deserve our highest praise.

I Praise God for all those who fought to secure our freedom and all those who died in the service of their country and never returned to their families.

Remember that our military men and women sign up out of a deep call to serve the country they love so very much.

We honor you today.

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godlover said...

My husband is exNavy having served 3 tours of duty in the Korean War and I have him my heart-felt thanks yesterday. I thought all the coverage of what Memorial Day is all about was done better this year than in years past.

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