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Monday, May 26, 2008

God is good and my son needs money!

My phone chimed with that familiar ring that tells me that my son is calling. I was slightly taken aback as it was disconnected the last time we tried to contact him.

Alas the concept of his calling just to see how I was was shattered almost instantly as the first question out of his mouth was “Hey, mom has any mail come for me?”

Now if you read between the lines what he was really saying was have any birthday cards with potential cash arrived in the mail for me.

Even with self serving purpose for his call it was good to hear his voice and for the moment know that he is OK.

So I give a giant thank you to my wonderful God for at least temporarily relieving my motherly concern with a very brief albeit selfish conversation with my beloved.

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godlover said...

Please sent me you son's name so I can pray more personally for him. I prayed for him last night as "Robin's son" and I know that God knows who he is, I'd prefer a name. You can sent it to my email maharvey2006@comcast.net or put it on my blog http://gdlvr.blogspot.com. Thanks


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