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Thursday, March 27, 2008

When are you grown up?

What a difficult question to ask and an even more difficult process to go through. As parents we get a front row seat in this painful mini-drama. Sometimes there is a lot of blood shed, weather physically or emotionally. There is usually pain involved, lots of change, and a very real revelation that as much as we want good things for our children there comes a time when we have to step back and pray that the process will not be to painful for them to experience and for us to watch.

I keep looking at my son, who chronologically is almost 19 years old, but emotionally and maturity wise he is closer to being about 16. The synapses in his brain have not yet made the connection that allow for rational or logical thinking. He still is operating under the assumption that as long as I don’t get caught then everything will be just fine. He motto is “Why tell the truth when a lie will work just fine!” The other enduring quality is his penchant for physical labor. The path of least resistance is always preferable to actually breaking a sweat. Why wake up at 7:30 am when 11:30 is just a few short hour away.

It must be such a burden to know everything, and even more of a burden to be saddled with parents who don’t now anything. But that is the age old response, we as parents don’t know anything until our children finally get into a position of having to be responsible mature adults.

I must admit that I long for the days when I will actually “know something” as apposed to being “totally clueless” and I can’t wait to “be something” other than a thorn in my son’s side and a roadblock to his perception of limitless freedom.

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