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Saturday, March 22, 2008

My "beloved" the idiot!

I will preface this posting with a warning. There will be no uplifting words, no profound spiritual truths, no encouraging statements, no warm fuzzy moments. I will from time to time depart from being a rational logical mature woman in favor of a hormonal shrew who can find nothing good in anything what so ever.

You see my “beloved” son waked through my door this afternoon with a chin piercing. I looked into his face and felt the gorge in my stomach rising up my throat. I paused momentarily trying to decide weather it would be necessary to sprint for the bathroom where I could vomit in peace or burst into tears at the sight of this foreign object jutting out of his chin. I am not even sure what to call this foreign object, except hideous, revolting, nauseating, disgusting, nasty and down right unattractive.

I remember showering sweet kisses all over his tiny toddler face and now I can’t even stand to look at it. I know if I say anything negative it will give him the satisfaction of knowing that he yet again has done the exact opposite of what we as his parents would desire for him to do, so I remain silent. I hate it but I will keep my mouth shut.

There are some creatures in the wild who devour their young, however revolting this concept my be, at this moment in time I can totally relate as I have visions of ripping my “beloved’s” head off and looking inside to see if there in fact is a brain residing within in that thick scull.


Sarah said...

Oh dear. Oh dear.
All I can say is I'm praying.

skoots1mom said...

One day, the "thing" will be gone...and there may be a scar, but we all pray it will be a reminder of just how FAR he will have come by then.

Another thought, our bodies will be restored to their GLORY in Heaven, no holes, no scars, no tears!

~:> SK

Vicki said...

I repeat..............There are bigger battles to be fought. Our parents were horrified when we wanted to pierce our ears. Look past the foriegn object and see that sweet baby.

Oh yea, if there is a brain it is probably rusted because if stupid metal things stuck in their bodies.

Miss you, we need to have coffee one night.


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