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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 30: It was a productive week!

Some weeks ya got it and some weeks ya don’t! This week I had an unexpected boost of energy and several opportunities to put my creative juices to use. 

Monday, July 23

Monday I canned a few tomatoes. I really did not have that many, however no one else in my family likes fresh tomatoes….I have wondered for a long time what is wrong with them! But I continue to love them any way regardless of this HUGE flaw in the taste buds! After struggling for several years trying to grow successful tomatoes for what ever reason this year I actually had some limited success. I only had enough tomatoes for four small jars but I have been wanting to try canning tomatoes for a long time and just never had enough to give it a go. It was a bit labor intensive for such a small amount but you work with what ya got sometimes!


Tuesday, July 24

Are good friends the best or what!

Skoots1mom scored these FREE chairs the other day in her daily thrifting rounds. YES I said FREE! They were being tossed out of a local restaurant and she asked it she could have them. They were in need of a lot of cleaning and some sanding which we did on Tuesday morning!



It was hot and sweaty work but we got them all cleaned up and ready to paint. I chose a flat black finish to repaint them in.


No Pictures on Wednesday, July 25

Thursday, July 26

Y’all I am super excited about this next picture and new opportunity!

I just love how things work out sometimes! During campmeeting we have a morning bible study. One of the ladies that was there is a woman that I have known for a long time. It’s funny how you uncover new things about people that you never knew before when you are in different settings. When I was in high school I experimented with the potters wheel. I loved doing it and have been fascinated with the process for a long time. I could sit and watch a potter work on the wheel and never tire of it!

Well, come to find out that this friend of mine actually has her own studio with a potters wheel and kiln! That just blew me away AND she only lives a few minutes from me! Well we got to talking and I was asking her all kinds of questions, one thing lead to another, the next thing ya know I sitting down at the potters wheel!

Y’all it was so much fun.

You can bet that I will be doing this again!

It takes years of practice and I am looking forward to the process of learning. The language alone will take some getting used to, wedging, centering, slurry, and a myriad of other terms my friend was tossing about that I had no idea what they meant. I just plunged my hands into the clay and went to town!


This small bowl is my very first piece. I am planning to go back next week and spend some more time learning!



Friday, July 27

Skoots came back over and we got the cushions to the chairs covered!



Saturday, July 28

Friday evening the Hubs got the cushions screwed back in place.

Here is a picture of the end result!



All total from start to finish I think I spent under $25.00 on spray paint and sandpaper,

and I already had the material for the cushions…LOVE THAT!!!!!!

There is a sixth chair pending but when we took the cushion off we noticed that the chair required a small repair so it is still pending.

Before I even finished my first cup of coffee I was doing all the prep work for supper. One of the Hubs favorite dinners in Pot Roast. I seared this one off and loaded it up with celery, carrot, onion, potato and set it to cook in the crock pot early Saturday morning.


Well that was my productive week! Wouldn't it be great if all week could be that way!

I hope everyone one is enjoy that last few days of summer. Sound weird to say that but school will be starting soon and then things will be back to normal.

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!




sara said...

yay for canning!!! I have one that doesn't like tomatoes and I don't get it!! what is not to like?!!!

Those chairs turned out GREAT! You gotta love a great deal!


I can't quit eating tomatoes long enough to can them. I eat them like most people eat apples. Loved the chairs. This must be the summer for redoing chairs. I did mine a couple of weeks ago. You did a great job.

Kim said...

I could use some of your energy! :)

That's a wonderful job on your first pot! I think you have a bright pottery throwing future ahead of you :)

Have a wonderful week!

The Bug said...

I love fresh tomatoes - but having canned ones to make soup with is yum-o!

Your bowl looks GREAT - I would never have known it was your very first one. I have a cousin who is a potter in NC - she actually got her masters degree in "throwing pots" at UGA.

Those chairs look fabulous - and boy Skootsmom IS a great friend.

Great week!

rita said...

Wow! i am excited about your pot throwing opportunity. Your first attempt looks amazing to me. i will send the link to my husband for his 'professional' opinion. But I have heard him say many times that a first timer usually has nothing to show.

Mike said...

Don't know about professional... but I see many first-timers at the wheel and you have done well!

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