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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 26

Well it was a typical summer week here. It has been so hot (in the 100’s…YIKES!!!) lately that our activity has been confined to spending time with a good book in the pleasant air conditioning of the house. I am loving my Kindle and all the free downloads…..

Sunday, June 24

There was a wedding at church on Saturday. I tried to capture the scale of these roses but this photographs just does not do it justice. They were the biggest roses I have ever seen. I pulled one out and laid it across the palm of my hand and it went diagonally across the full span of the palm of my hand. It was HUGE! and Gorgeous!


Well they are finally coming in. As predicted I have a gazillion cherry tomatoes. You can bet I will be planting this Sweet 100 again! It has been a HUGE success!


No pictures on Monday, June 25…

Tuesday, June 26

We met for Prayer Shawl this morning and after our meeting I invited Skoots1mom back to the house for lunch. Ever since my New York Reuben experience I have not been able to stop thinking about this sandwich!!!  I had been to the grocery story and picked up all the necessary ingredients for assemble a Reuben. They were so good y’all. I will be sharing the recipe in a later post so if you are a Reuben lover it will be up and running in  a few days!


Wednesday, June 27

Over the weekend we made a trip to The Home Depot and picked up a new patio umbrella. In the very early morning is about the only time you can venture out with this heat. It was such a pleasant morning (at 7:30 A.M.) that I took my coffee and enjoyed a few moments of the cool morning air.

I have missed my morning garden moments. One of my favorite things I used to enjoy about our old hose was the quite time I would spend in my back yard. I had a small garden bench that was ticked between the deck and the back porch. It was the perfect place to sit and be with God and just enjoy His creation.

As I sat I thought about how finally I have my quiet moments in my garden again, the leaves on the trees, the birds darting in and out, the butterflies flitting from blossom to blossom and the quiet. It was just God, my coffee and me! It was good y’all!


There is such a learning curve when you garden. However I have more success with things planted outside than I do with house plants. I have been struggling with these two cactus for over two years or more! One is a Christmas cactus that was given to me by one of my accountability sisters, the other is an Easter cactus that I bought a few years ago. I had them in the corner of my kitchen and they were by all accounts on their last legs. In part by my inability to remember to water them but I also think that the conditions in that corner were just not the right place for them. I consulted with a friend who has some of the same cactus’. She told me that she moved hers outside in the spring and they stay outside all summer long. Well I figured what could it hurt since they already looked to be on the way out anyway. I took the two most sickly looking ones, the Easter cactus and replanted them into one larger pot and moved them both outside.

At first I thought that they were both just gone from this world. HUGE sections just fell off. I was tossing handfuls of lost leaves out every day.


However, now it seems to be recovering. There are tiny little new sections popping up all over both of the plants.


I am keeping my fingers crossed and saying a prayer over my big tomato plant. I have had less than wonderful success with regular tomatoes over the last few years. I am waiting with great expectation for these to ripen up. I am praying a hedged of garden protection around them that they will be protected from pests and be ready to eat in a few days…..I hope!


Thursday, June 28

I continue to abide in His Word. I have moved on from John 14. What I began to discover was that I needed to study the difficulties of living in “The World” and maintaining the Christian standard directed by God’s Holy word. That is one of my biggest weaknesses. Knowing that something does not line up with what God’s word says yet watching, doing or overlooking it and just doing what I want to do!


Friday, June 29

Every now and again the Girlchild will emerge from her room and disconnect from her iPod, especially when she is hungry! I was the beneficiary of this rare moment when she asked… “Hey Mom! Have you had breakfast? You want pancakes?” Well the only appropriate response when a teenager asked to do something for someone else is “YES!”

She did her Great Grandma proud y’all!

A hot off the griddle pancake served on a warmed plate with hot syrup! It was pancake perfection! It made this momma’s heart proud to know that there are some things she is paying attention to. Never under estimate the importance of know how to make a good pancake!


The keep coming in y’all like a avalanche of sweet red candy!


I am learning a new stitch. It is a bit labor intensive in the thinking department. But once you get the repeat down it is not so hard. I am getting the hang of it and I am almost ready to set the pattern aside…not quite but almost! It’s called the Spider stitch!


Saturday, June 30

Somebody smack me if I ever forget to praise the Lord for my wonderful husband. I found this in front of the coffee pot on Saturday morning. The hubs has his small group on Saturday morning and they meet at a local breakfast place.


Y’all he bought me and the Girlchild breakfast….I love that man!


I settled in on the desktop with my egg and bacon biscuit and I looked out the window and saw these two sweet little yellow birdies. They came to join me for breakfast.



Well that is my week! I hope you are keeping cool in the summer heat!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!





Love the pictures you got this week. The food shots looked almost good enough to eat. I hope your week is a good one.

Kim said...

Sounds like you had a good week! Those cherry tomatoes look so yummy :) I'm craving that fresh tomato taste. Since it's winter here, the tomatoes don't have much taste at all. So sad.

I agree with Karen, your food shots are so good and are making me hungry!

That crochet pattern looks complicated... one of those that the counting would make my head hurt. hahaha Think I'll stick to sewing :) But I sure do enjoy seeing all the things you create!

Have a good week, and stay cool!

The Bug said...

Love those cherry tomatoes - so pretty & I'm sure they're QUITE yummy.

That reuben looks fabulous - yum! And you already know my thoughts on the pancakes.

My favorite pics though are the last ones with the birds & flowers - looks like a painting (or maybe a FB cover photo - heh).

rita said...

Wonderful pics, words, thoughts, food, tomatoes, crafts, AND pancakes!

sara said...

I wish I had some of those tomatoes! yum.

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