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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 27

Sunday, July 1

Sunday evening after dinner we were enjoying an DVD when we were interrupted by what we thought was the roof coming down upon our heads.

Hail, big hail to be exact! The Hubs was concerned because it was so big it was bouncing up off the ground and smashing into the windows with such force we thought one might shatter.

IMG_0145 IMG_0146

Thankfully no windows were broken and the sudden storm only last about 15 to 20 minutes!

Monday, July 2

Well I hate to be a Debbie Downer but Cannoli’s are just not my thing! I was not impressed with the one I had in New York. That left me wondering what all the fuss was about! I did my usually Food Network search and found a few recipes. I thought I would give it a try to see if maybe I could improve upon my first experience.

First I decided to forgo the lengthy process of making the cookie, copious steps were involved as well as needing some specialized cannoli forms which I do not have, not to mention deep fat frying so I opted on purchasing the cookie at the grocery store!

Most of the recipe I found all had a base of ricotta cheese and then there was some sweetened whipped cream folded in. I was not impressed with the cookie, it was a bit more flavorful than the one I had in New York but not by much. The cream filling was much better, however I was not impressed with the texture. It still retained the curd-ish texture of the ricotta cheese which was not the most mouth satisfying experience. It felt kind of lumpy and a bit gritty, not something I associate with a rich creamy desert if ya know what I mean. Maybe it’s one of those experience you have to grow up loving to appreciate, for me not so much!

They look good at least!


Oh well live and learn, this one will not be making another appearance. The general consensus from the Hubs and the Girlchild were the same as well. It was a three thumbs down across the board!

If you are Italian send me a recipe or convince me of the error of my ways.

Tuesday, July 3

Tuesday was Jamaican day. I borrowed this picture from Skoots1mom, the sweet lady standing next to me in the picture is from the island of Jamaica. She had invited all of the Prayer Shawl group over to her house for a Jamaican meal. Who would turn that down?

Not me for sure.

Fried plantains, Johnny Cakes, boiled green banana’s, curry chicken, cabbage and carrots, rice and peas, corn bread, ackee and greens (I don’t remember what they were called but it started with an M, they were very much like kale or collard greens)


Y’all it was delicious! I was a bit cautions when I saw the boiled green bananas but they were the same texture and flavor as a potato and very good! I think my favorite was the Ackee! But the plantains were super good too!

No picture on Wednesday, July 4, bummer.

We were invited to a friends house for burgers on the grill and we were enjoying good fellowship and conversation and I never gave my camera a second thought!

Thursday, July 5

I am finally getting some success in the tomato department. I am reaping a HUGE harvest in the cherry tomato department, but I am also starting to get some BIG ones too!


The girlchild has made a tradition of carving out time to spend with her Aunt each summer. When we lived in Lawrenceville they lived five minutes down the road. Now they live an hour plus away so the DD does not get to see her aunt and cousins very often. We met for lunch at a Mexican restaurant and made the hand off at a mid point for both of us.


Thursday evening is my normal Girl’s Group and it was about a billion degrees outside so I stopped at Sonic for a Lime Slushy!

It hit the spot.


Friday, July 6

We bought this small point and shoot for the Girlchild when she made her last mission trip. She whined and complained about having to use her ancient camera so we caved and got her this cute little red number. Since the addition of her new phone which takes really good pictures this cute little camera has been collection dust in her room! Well no more. I confiscated it and it has now found a new home in my purse! I have been yearning for a small point and shoot for a long time. My new phone takes really awful pictures and I hate that! I love my big camera but it is BIG and HEAVY and not good for carrying around in the purse!

Plus it has a really cool feature of downloading pictures right to facebook….love that!


Since the Girlchild was away Mom and Dad decided to play!

Date Night at the Olive Garden. They are running a Two for $25.00, it a great deal and the food was wonderful!!!!!


Saturday, July 7

The Goldfinch joined me for breakfast again! I think this is my favorite visitor to the backyard, except for the hummingbird. I just love the bright yellow burst of color. He fits right in amongst the colorful blossoms in the container on my patio!

IMG_0168_1 - edit

Well that does it for me this week! I hope everyone is keeping cool and out of this monster heat we have been having. 



For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!



Love the food shots. I like Italian pastries and they are not sweet like we would assume. Given my choice I would prefer something southern and sweet. Love the bird shot too. Have a great week.

sara said...

oh I would have loved to have been at that Jamaican dinner!!!!

I am not a fan of Cannolis either, but those do look pretty professional!!!

Sassy Granny ... said...

I always get hungry when I drop by, Robin. Right now I'm wondering how quickly I could make something with chocolate chips (it's 6:45 am).

Also, I love the simple delights of your life ... family, friends, food, photos, gardens & the like.

Kim said...

All I can see is: your food shots are killin' me! hahaha I'd love to try some Jamaican food. Some of it sounds a lot like what we had in Uganda -- only instead of boiling the green bananas, we steamed them inside the banana leaves. Soooo yummy!

I wanted to reach through the computer and grab those 'maters! I'm craving a tomato that has some taste.

Hope you're keeping cool, friend. Having just gone through a summer with weeks on end of 100+ weather, I know it's NO fun. It stayed in the low 90s in my house for most of January and February. Talk about hot! I'm sure hoping we can swing an air conditioner in our new house!!!

LuAnn said...

We just picked our 1st two tomatoes today.

Love Cannoli's !!!!

rita said...

We might be open to hail here if it would bring some rain. Draught is hurting the farmers, of course the hail could damage crops as well.
I would want nothing else but the smallest camera possible.
Lovely gold finch!

The Bug said...

We have a ton of tomatoes, but they're still really green. (That's ok Danabug - you live way NORTH of Robin!)

I love having my little point & shoot in my purse - it's great for that random moment when you're out & about & need to take a picture. (Like Monday when I was leaving for work & saw CHICKENS in my front yard - had to hop out of the car & get a picture of them).

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