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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 22

Well it was a bit of a normal no fuss no muss kind of week. I guess that is a good thing….my knee is recovering and am no longer limping as bad. I still am struggling with some pain and I have to be a bit more intentional when taking the stairs, stepping down off curbs and maneuvering uneven terrain, but all in all I am feeling much better.

Monday, May 28

Skoots1mom an her hubs came over for dinner. We tossed some meat on the grill and had a wonderful evening of food and fellowship. I thought the Memorial Day festivities required a cocktail so I mixed up a few pomegranate martini’s! They were really good y’all!


After dinner Skoots assembled a game of Ladderball in the back yard. The goal of the game was to toss a set of two balls attached by a cord and try to loop it around the horizontal rungs of the ladder. The higher the rung the higher the points. Needless to say it looks a lot easier than it actually is to play!


Tuesday, May 29

23 years ago today this sweet little guy came into our lives.


Happy birthday to my all grown up boy!

Wednesday, May 30

The DD was spending the night at a friend house so the hubs and I went on a cheap dinner date at the Zaxby’s that is just around the corner for our house. I love their salads but sometime ya just have to have a few hot wings and some fries!


Friday, June 1

I am finally starting to see some progress in the veggie garden.


Well that’s my week! I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day! I guess that means that summer is officially in the works!

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Love the shots you got this week and that pomegrante martini looked so refreshing and delish.

Mary said...

Sometimes you've DEFINITELY got to have wings & fries! :D

LuAnn said...

We love ladder golf.

The drinks look very refreshing too.

My daughter will be 23 next Sunday.

Enjoy your week.

sara said...

you need to share your recipe for the martinis! they look great!

I have heard of ladder ball but never played.

Happy birthday to your boy!!!

Kim said...

What a great week! Filled with friends, special days, and progress in the garden :)

Have a wonderful week coming up!

momma frans said...

continue to get better!!!
we love ladder ball; its called polish horseshoes down here for some reason.
beautiful veggies!

The Bug said...

I've never seen ladder ball before - I should check it out.

I'm excited about your garden - hope everything produces for you!

rita said...

Good week.
Glad the knee is on the mend.

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