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Monday, June 18, 2012

Part One: In a New York State of Mind……it was a wet beginning!

Well it was vacation time again for me and the Hubs. Over the next few days I will be putting together my traditional post vacation wrap up posts. The Hubs has been to New York several times on business and had always commented on want to take me along so see some of the sites.

Since the Girlchild was away on her summer choir tour the Hubs and I availed ourselves using his frequent flyer miles and hotel points to fit in a small vacation. I hesitate to even call this a vacation. In my mind I think there needs to be two definitions for the term vacation. There was defiantly no rest and relaxation on this vacation. My knees and feet will testify to the wear and tear they experienced on this trip. However I did, with several applications of over the counter medication as well as some directed prayer for strength and endurance for all my body parts make it to the end of our trip and was still able to walk. I did have to make a evening trip to the ice machine to fill up my zip lock bags to ice down my knees every night but I think that may just be part of my life that I have to learn to live with.

I had a fleeting thought as I was packing to go and fetch the rain poncho’s from the coat closet in the living room. Did I do it. That would be NO! We arrived in New York on Tuesday afternoon and had to wait for about an hour for our room to be ready. We bided our time with an incredibly expensive and mediocre lunch in the hotel dinning room. After settling in our postage stamp sized room we headed out out to do a bit of afternoon exploring. Our hotel was only a few blocks from Time Square. By the time we got there the rain was coming down in a very consistent downpour and we had to dash into a small souvenir shop to purchase a $5.00 umbrella.

Thankfully the rain was not cold but by the end of our walkabout we were thoroughly soaked. After about an hour we had had about all the New York experience we could stand for the day so we headed back to the hotel to dry off and get some much needed rest from our long day of travel.


Time Square was a whirl of hustle, bustle and moving people. The lights, the massive LED billboards were impressive.




The Hubs assured me that we would be traveling back through Time Square again so I will be able to get some pictures sans the herds of umbrella’s and soaked crowds of people.

Our next stop in the New York experience was Central Park and the Empire State building. I have a kind of cool story about our time at the Empire State Building so keep your eyes on your blog-roll for my next vacation post.



1 comment:

Kim said...

I actually really liked your photos-with-umbrellas :) Especially the first one. I love the way rain adds a cool sheen to certain parts of the pictures.

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