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Friday, June 22, 2012

Part Four: In a New York State of Mind ~ Lady Liberty

Our last full day in New York was a jam packed day. Our hotel was a good ways away from the 9/11 Memorial.

There was NO way I was hiking it down the million city blocks to get to Battery Park where we were to catch the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, so we hoped a taxi and gave our tired feet a rest. Since the 9/11 memorial was only a few blocks from Battery Park we made our way over to catch the ferry after our visit to the memorial.

Again more waiting in line, about an hour, more security lines, more x-ray machines and finally we made it on the ferry!


Regrettably there was some renovations still going so there was no access to the interior of the statue. We had a leisurely stroll about the island, is is not very big and I snapped of a lot of very good pictures of Miss Liberty!


Before we hopped the ferry to Ellis Island we had lunch at the cafe. It was worth the $25.00 dollars just to get a cool spot under a tree to eat our lunch…


or so I thought until I noticed this not so pleasant addition to my purse from one of the birds that was in the tree above.



The view of Ellis Island as we approach after leaving the Statue of Liberty!


Ellis Island is not very big either. One of the original buildings has been converted into an Immigration Museum.. The Hubs loves all the history stuff, me not so much!


These lovelies would never survive today's baggage handlers.


I enjoy a good historical romance novel, but standing around with hundreds of other folks reading millions of placards just like this one…well it just is not my thing. I was patient and allowed the hubs to soak up all the history he could stand while I found a nice cool spot to sit and enjoyed  bit of people watching.


I loved this view of Lady Liberty from Ellis Island.


Reality bites sometimes, we were so spent from our day of walking around that we both had more of a desire to return to our room for a well needed rest than exert any more effort to explore Battery Park. I did manage a few pictures as we made our way out in search of a taxi back to our room.


After recovering for our days walking we had to venture out for our last evening in the Big Apple. There was a pub not to far from our hotel and we went there for diner. The Heartland Brewery.


We tried one of there signature brew’s made in their Brooklyn Brewery. Not being a beer aficionado it tasted like any other beer to me but then I rarely drink beer so …..it was a good paring with my dinner!


One of my rules when I travel is that I try to take advantage of the foods that are local to that regions or city. I was perusing the menu trying to decide what to get and finally noticed they had a New York Style Rueben on the menu. The decision was made. Also taking in to consideration that I had never had a Reuben before I was feeling adventurous. I was even willing to put my aversion to Sauerkraut aside to further flavor my New York experience.


I was so glad that I did. It was by far the beast sandwich I have had in a very ling time. The Corned beef, the melted Swiss and the sauce and the rye bread were the absolutely wonderful combinations and I even enjoyed the Sauerkraut surprisingly!

After dinner we walked a bit further down the street to a bakery called Europan Cafe.

We had passed the window the day before and it was filled with these wonderful looking chocolate drizzled pastries. We made a mental note to try to fit this in before we left. It’s a horrible picture with the glare from the glass but they looked amazing!


I should have gone with my gut and gotten the Napoleon, but I bowed to the New York experience again and ordered the Cannoli.


I hate to be a Debbie Downer…but I was not impressed. Maybe I just got a bad Cannoli, but it was a bit on the bland side and the cookie was a bit stale and rather bland as well. It was overly sweet and the whole experience left me wishing I had chose the Napoleon that was sitting next to it in the case.


Well that is the closing bell on our New Your adventure. I have some very definite feelings about my New York experience. I enjoyed all the sights we saw, for the most past the food was wonderful, however I can defiantly share that the pull to go back and visit again is not very strong. As we were flying away from Hawaii I had a yearning to return, New York not so much.

I can defiantly see the appeal of living the urban lifestyle if you are fortunate enough to live above the fray and have a view of Central Park and a limousine at your dis[posal. The rich and famous live the good life while all the rest of the normal folk were schlepping it along the dirty sidewalks, taking their lives in their own hands as they crossed the street trying to avoid the taxies and the delivery trucks. The near constant scream of sirens and jack hammers was a bit of a deterrent as well. It seems that the only place to get some peace and quiet in a town like New York would be to drive out to the Hamptons, where you have to be rich as well!

I don’t think my feet have ever been put to such a test. It took me several days to recover from the wear and tear they experienced. My new walking shoe were not as good as they should have been and I came how with multiple blisters on both feet in various places. I was more than ready to board the plane and return home after our foray into the big city.

I’m with Mr. Douglas on this one!

It was good to visit but I wouldn't want to live there…….





You had to have had a bad cannoli. Those things are amazing. Ellis Island made me cry. I could almost feel the presence of the people who had passed through there. Did you take the big red bus tour. It was so much fun. Sorry about the purse episode. Your pictures are amazing and make me want to go back.

rita said...

I enjoyed ALL your photos. thank you for taking me on your vacation 'virtually'!

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