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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 52………..Random Salad Greens, a Sweet Fury House Guest, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Cookies and Baked Oysters!

Merry Christmas!

I just popped my ham in the oven and my house is nice a quiet after a whirl of family activity. The highlight of the morning was when I set the oven on fire making my sticky buns. Regretfully we were to focused on putting the fire out to get any pictures but I did however snap a few of the aftermath…needless to say Ina would be horrified at the end result. I am scratching my head trying to figure out exactly what went wrong with this recipe, it seemed fairly straight foreword however it was far from the wonderful sweet sticky puffy creation I watched her make on television………Y’all will just have to wait until next week for a full blow by blow account of the Epic Sticky Bun disaster but all is not lost and Christmas was not ruined.

Looking back in the past week I will say that as weeks go it was a very nice week full of wonderful surprises.

Sunday, December 18

Being the novice gardener that I am I was unaware that Lettuce is a fall/winter crop. When I was planting all my spring veggie I tossed in a few rows of lettuce seeds! One of my dear friends who is a seasoned gardener eventually explained to me that you don't plant lettuce until the fall. Well when I cleaned out my garden after the first frost and tuned over the dirt and raked it all out flat to get the bed ready for winter, well a few days later I saw some bright little green shoots popping up all over the bed. I guess the lettuce seed had been dormant waiting on just the right conditions.

In any event we enjoyed a lovely salad with fresh picked greens….and we can keep enjoying the lettuce all winter long form what i understand! Who knew….not me!


Monday, December 19

I was unloading my groceries on Tuesday afternoon when this little guy wandered up in the driveway. Thankfully he had a tag. We were able to contact the vet’s office and they were able to call the owners. The lived right in our neighborhood. For such a small sweet furry little thing he was full of you know what! He felt less than agreeable to make new friends. Let’s just sat that Buster and fuzzball did not get along……and I was more that glad when the owners turned up to claim little mister disagreeable!


I know I don't have to tell y’all who Dave Ramsey is. Well I was listening to his radio show the other day and he was explaining that all during the month of December he is giving something away on his website. I am also linked up to him through facebook. Well I saw that they were giving away 5 Kindle Fire’s on Monday. Well I was highly motivated so I set to work submitting entrees. You could enter as many times as you liked and believe me that’s exactly what I did! All my diligence paid off…………I WON! I was super excited!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, December 20

It was pie day….pecan for my husband!


Wednesday, December 21

It was cookie day.

I did a bunch for the hubs to take to the office and several smaller gift bags for friends as well! I made Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip Toffee Crunch, Oatmeal Raisin and Cranberry Christmas Cookies!


Y’all the email said five to seven business day but look what showed up in the mail this evening!

I was shocked that it came so quickly but over the top that I was able to begin exploring my new toy!


Thursday, December 22

Trying to keep it homemade…..I made an attempt to make some homemade gift bags. These brown paper grocery bags worked very well for my Christmas gifts I did for my girls group. I made each one of them an assortment of all the different jams and things I have been working on this years so the heavy paper bag was just the right vehicle for the heavy glass jars. I tied one of my homemade ornaments on and wrapped them all up with some red yard………and it was almost all made in the USA!



Friday, December 23

I have to tell y’all my new toy is way cool! This is a picture of me watching a full length movie sitting in my recliner! I have already read one book and have downloaded several samples of some books that I am contemplating buying. There are ton of free apps, lots of cool games. I have not figured out how to do it yet but you can email form you kindle, I’ll be figuring that out soon. I can surf the web, check my FB page, I download a free bible, it’s really a application that links you in to multiple bibles online but it's free. I have downloaded several classic books for free. I started reading Frankenstein just yesterday. My first download was Water For Elephants. I finished it off in about two days. I am not sure if reading a book on the kindle is faster that a regular book but it seemed that I just blew through that last book a whole lot faster that I would have if I had just been reading a traditional book.

I have found one small glitch in the program. One of the things that I was very excited about was the linked dictionary. How many times have you come across a word in a book and wish you could look it up right then. Well the Kindle has a function that if you press on the word it will open a pop up window with the definition. This function is not as reliable as it would seem, the touch screen is a very sensitive and sometimes it highlight the wrong word or even highlight the entire sentence thinking you want to add a note. However this small glitch is a non issue given the ease of use and all the different things you can do with this device.

Basically I love it….so far that is!


Saturday, December 24

I think we have a new Christmas Eve tradition…that is if I can convince the hubs that he really does enjoy shucking oysters.


These were not quite a s good as the ones we had at Pappadeaux or Uncle Bubba’s but I think with a bit of tweaking I can come close next time!


They were real good y’all….and not to bad at about $6.00 for the oysters!

Well I need to get my side in the oven for Christmas Dinner. It;s been a good day’ y’all!

Blessings and I hope you all had a joyous and Christ filled day!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!



Kim said...

hahaha Can't wait to hear the details (and see the shocking photos!) of the Epic Sticky Bun Disaster :)

I have a Kindle, but it's an older model and I don't think I can watch movies on it. I do like mine, because I don't have to wait weeks to get books now (mail takes at least three weeks from the U.S. to here). But I still prefer the feel of a "real" book. AND you cannot (or shouldn't) take your Kindle into the bathtub, which is one of my favorite reading places (when I'm somewhere where there is a tub).

Anyway, you can tell I'm really tired because I'm over-explaining everything. Still recovering from being out so late last night/this morning.



Loved the pictures this week. The cookies and pie looked so delicious. Congrats on winning the Kindle. I have an IPad2 and I am loving it. I did not think I would like ebooks but am enjoying them a lot. I still like the feel of a real book. Loved the handmade wrapping idea. I shared it with my daughter. I saw that someone was getting one of those toilet paper roll stars. Lucky person.

rita said...

Great pics!
Wonderful salad greens!
And snow, same week?
Super Kindle-win. Persistance paid off!

Blessed last week--the true 52!

The Bug said...

I don't know why you can't read your Kindle in the tub - you just have to make sure you don't drop it :)

Love your homemade gifts - too bad I'm not crafty like that!

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