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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 49: Christmas Craftiness………

Can I just tell ya that taking care of a two and a half year old really cuts into the blogging time. I did however manage to work on a few Christmas crafts as well as get a few more Christmas gifts checked off my list. So all things considered maybe it balances out a bit.

No pictures on Sunday, November 27 or Monday, November 28

Tuesday, November 29

Muffinhead has a new favorite spot. She loves this basket, normally I keep all my unused throw pillow in it but today it was her own personal reading nook! She sat there for several minutes looking at books.


Wednesday, November 30

I saw this cute idea floating around on Pintrest a few weeks ago. Since I am all into trying to keep it either made in the USA or Homemade well this little craft project fit the bill. The toilet paper is made in the USA, the glue I bought was made in the USA, the paint was made in the USA, the red yarn was made in the USA however, sadly the red glitter was made in China.


One toilet paper roll cut into six equal length will make one ornament.


Thursday, December 1

She is a busy girl but every now and then she will take a short break…..


she is very intently watching this show on PBS……


After Muffinhead left for the day it was on to part two of the craft project. I did not think that glitter and a toddler were a good combination……

After letting the glue set for a while, then I took them outside and gave them a good coat of red spray paint. I wanted to make them Gold but they did not have any gold glitter at the Walmart so I opted for red instead. After I painted them I gave each of them a punch with my handy dandy hole punch for the yarn to go through.


Any time you mention glitter it brings the DD out of her room and away from her iPod. She was itching to get her hands down in that glitter. She helped give them a light coat of watered down glue.


Then a nice dusting of red glitter is the final touch.


Friday, December 2

With all the leaves off the Crepe Myrtles out in the front yard I noticed that one of the trees was home to two birds nests. I was able to retrieve one of them and brought it safely into the house. I am not sure what I am going to do with it, but given that my Christmas tree always has an abundance of bird ornament as well as bird house and birds nest I think this sweet little nest will look rather nice nestled somewhere on my tree.


Saturday, December 3

One of the women in my accountability group had a death in the family. Her father in law passed away. He was a well loved man and lived a wonderful and long life. He left behind five son’s and one daughter and more grandchildren and great grandchildren than I could count. Myself and the two other women in the group, y’all know Skoots1mom, well anyway we all pilled into her husbands giant green suburban and made the trip up to the funeral. I made good sue of the time thought. While we chatted I worked out the kinks in this new stitch I was wanting to learn. It is called the Crocodile Stitch. I can tell you that it is not really that had to learn how to do. It is a bit on the awkward side to re-teach your fingers as you are going in and out in odd angles holding the hook and yard in very different way that the average crochet pattern. It is also a bit time consuming. This stitch takes twice as long to get a row done because in theory each row has to be done twice. You work the foundation row and then you work back over that same row in an alternating pattern. You can do a Google search if you want to find the instruction on how to do the stitch. that’s what I did…..it also requires a boatload of yarn. But I am glad I figured it out!


Well that's it for me this week. I am hoping that Muffinhead and I can begin to fall into some kind of normal routine now that we are in our second week of being together so hopefully I I can get back to my normal blogging routine……..

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!



PS: On a completely unrelated subject matter, I have just realized that since I had to re-load Live Writer back on to my new desktop I lost all of my pre saved links that it would automatically insert…..I HATE having to rebuild all those links back in…..totally bummed…….


lailani said...

I like your crafts... I noticed stars like that on pinterest - but I really like your red ones!

Mary said...

Great idea for the ornaments! Muffinhead is such a little doll-baby!

Rebecca Jo said...

LOVE the ornaments!!! The red glitter is beautiful too!!!!


Love the ornaments. You need to put those on pinterest. I am going to try and make them too. Wonderful and thank you for sharing.

The Bug said...

You are very wise in the ways of toddlers & glitter :)

Terri Tiffany said...

Where do I begin?? I love your fireplace--jealous-- I want one:) And your craft turned out awesome! I wondered if that green nail polish was yours at first . . .
Your granddaughter gets cuter with every picture!

faith hope love ღ said...

your doing cute stuff here..i love them..! thanks for sharing...

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