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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 51…It’s a Miracle! I have all seven days!

Now that I have recovered from the shock of actually snapping a picture for each day I will forge ahead before I become overwhelmed with the reality of my accomplishment……

Sunday, December 11

The Music department at church puts on several different Christmas Concerts. The first one was called “The Sweet Sounds of Christmas”, this consist of the seven different choirs we have. The hubs and I were obligated to attend since the Girlchild was singing. I win the bad mother award and at Christmas too! Yea Santa will be putting me on the naughty list for this one for sure. I love my child, I think she has a beautiful singing voice, however, I know that there are lots of folks who have there souls filled up listing to music, who find great joy in the Sweet Sound of Christmas, i however am not one of those people. Now don’t get me wrong, I love listing to music, I draw the line at sitting in the sanctuary on the inadequate pew cushions for almost two hours. I think they must have sung every Christmas song with the word Noel in the title. #1:Sing Noel, #2:Sing Noel, Noel, #3:Jamaican Noel, #4:The First Noel aaaannnnnddddd #5: Sing We Noel!

25 musical numbers and no potty break…….


Monday, December 12

I opened the mail, shredded the mail and paid my bills!

 IMG_8384 - smudge

Tuesday, December 13

I went into the kitchen to get my second cup of coffee from the fresh pot I had made only to find this. It really does help when you have a functioning brain in your head. I just shook my head closed the lid on the coffee maker and pressed the brew button!


Wednesday, December 14

It was a coupon kind of day. After bible study Skoots1mom and I went to lunch and used a coupon, then I had a 30% off coupon for Kohl’s. I got a few new sweaters and a small surprise for the DD for under the tree, then since the hubs was out of town on business we took advantage of the coupons we had for McDonalds, I know not very nutritious but we both ate for under $5.00!


Thursday, December 15

I can’t show you what I made but I can tell you that most of the morning I was sitting at my sewing machine. I have a hate/hate relationship with this piece of equipment. We go back a long way in our animosity! The secret to successful sewing…I have now coined a new phrase. I have participated in Prayer Walks, Prayer Blankets, Prayer Shawls, Prayer Labyrinths, Prayer Retreats……Now I can claim Prayer Sewing. God is good and I only had to rethread once AND I only had to ask for forgiveness for unexpected foul language once…..well maybe twice!


Later that evening at my Accountability Group Meeting Skoots1mom brought her Christmas gift to us early. She wanted us to be able to use them for the Christmas season. She so Crafty and Thrifty. She MADE this sweet Christmas serving pedestal.

I can’t wait to stack it up with some festive Christmas cookies!


She also brought me a belated birthday gift. The next time Muffinhead comes over you can bet that we will be enjoying this story together. Gotta love title and the theme of this story. Grandma’s are Large and in Charge! I think I probably fit both of these descriptions!


Friday, December 16

I did a bit of baking. The Hubs is very fond of my Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread so I tossed a batch on to proof. Then I brought out a recipe that I had experimented with last year. It’s a good thing that bread flour in not expensive………….

It may look good on the outside…….


Saturday, December 17

Once it had cooled the huge canyon running down the center of the loaf was the first sign of the pending and hidden disaster……


After slicing it up I found it was totally underdone, gummy and a bit of a disappointment.


All is not lost though. I am pondering how to fix this as well as thinking about why this recipe failed!!!!!! I have a few ideas on what to do with the inedible bread…………we shall see how the end result turns out!

The bad news is since this recipe was such a big fat failure it is now stuck in my mind until I figure out how to fix it. I will have to keep working on the recipe until I have a successful end result. Is there such a thing as O.B.D. (Obsessive Baking Disorder) with an underlying secondary condition brought on by fear of failure! It just bugs me when a recipe does not wok our like I intended. It then becomes like a nagging tick in my brain….naner naner boo boo……while little pasty underdone loaves of bread dance in a circle around my head like on a cartoon!

Well while I’m banging my head against my oven door in shame y’all can head over to Sara’s for more P365! One more week and were done y’all! Say it ain't so…but it is!

I hope you all have a truly blessed Christmas!




sara said...

Congrats!!!!!! on a picture every day!!! you rock!

And you made me LOL several times this morning as I read your blog!

The coffee pot....been there, done that, hate menopause.

have a great pre-Christmas week!!!


Your blog made me laugh this morning. I too have done the coffee pot thing...and made bread too that had a canyon in it. It tasted good....and I sliced mine...and filled the canyon with a cream cheese frosting stuff....my kids thought it was grand. Have a great week.

Kim said...

I suggest making a french toast casserole with the bread!
I am like you when it comes to trying to figure out WHAT WENT WRONG -- and with me and baking, that happens a lot :) But I AM learning from my mistakes, I'm thankful to say.

Wildly applauding your success in taking a photo a day!!!!!

The Bug said...

Ooh Kim stole my idea - I'll bet that would make really yummy French Toast! Of course, I like gummy underdone bread so I'd just eat it like it is :)

Mike says he's done the coffee pot thing too - ha!

Rebecca Jo said...

I'd probably still love the bread - I love gooey breads... mmm...

Gotta love a Kohl's 30% off!!! :)

rita said...

I really enjoyed this post, the humor and the photos!
Kohl's, my favorite store now, especially on Wednesdays for senior discounts +
Love children's books!
Can't believe Skootsmom made that pedestal, how?
Have a great rest of Christmas week!

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