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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 37

Y’all this week was a BUST! Aside from being exhausted on Monday from our weekend Fence Moving Project, I was having a serious bout of peri-menapausal hormonal upheaval. Rather that smashing my camera to the ground I opted to sequester myself and endanger as few people as possible.

Sunday, September 5

I shared this picture last week, but it is worth repeating as this was the partial reason for my lack of photographs. I was just so tired from working so hard.

Building fences is for the young I am afraid!


Monday, September 6, Tuesday, September 7 Naaadddddaaaaa!

Wednesday, September 8

God is so good y’all!

On Wednesday evening at church after probably one of the worst days I have had, hormonally speaking, I was preparing to go home. It had been one of those marathon days. I left the house at 8:30 A.M. and had not been back since and it was nearing 8:00 P.M. I had my Bible Study in the morning which I felt totally discombobulated and unorganized about. Then Skoots1mom and I went to lunch and got a salad at Wendy’s, well I don't know about you but I like my salads when they are not swimming in a ladle full of warm extra soupy chili. If I had know that their new Baja salad was a renamed version of their taco salad I would have passed on the whole thing. Thankfully I did not jump the counter and demand more lettuce. I just suffered thorough my wilted lettuce smothered in steaming hot chili….YUCK! From lunch I had to go retrieve the girl child from school early for her final visit with her orthopedic surgeon. She has finally been released to normal duty, not that she is planning to go bungee jumping or cliff diving anytime soon but the Dr. Did give the ok for more strenuous activists (like soccer…) should she choose to participate in them. From there we went straight back to church and she did her homework in the church library. I was trying to be a good steward and not put any unnecessary miles on the car as I had to pass right by the church anyway. So thankfully it was a Wednesday and I did not have to cook. I enjoyed the Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes, God knew I needed a bit of comfort after the day I had had! But this long dissertation started with my explanation about the yarn. Well since my husband had cleaned out the car my current project was not in the car so i did not have anything to work on  so i ended up putting the finished touches on a unfinished project while I visited with everyone on Wednesday evening.


As I was leaving one of my Prayer Shawl buddies hands me a big plastic bag full of yarn.

“Will you take this home and throw it away for me?” she asks. We are all the time trying to solicit yarn donations from the congregation that we did not want to seem ungrateful should anyone find a large bag of yarn in the trash. I agreed to take the yarn home with me and discretely dispose if it.

You see it was an a odd assortment of baby fine yarn. Which anyone who words regularly with yarn will tell you is not for the faint of heart. The yarn is so thin and fragile. It breaks on you at the blink of an eye and it takes forever to get anything completed. It may be very soft and you get all lovei dovie when you feel of it, but trust me… its a bugger to work with!


As I sat looking at the bag Wednesday evening something happened. I am not sure if it was God or if it was my desperate need to latch on to anything to take my mind off how crummy I felt but I dumped the yard out on my living room floor and began sorting through it. I randomly pulled four skeins out and set about to work on a prayer shawl. It was a bit cumbersome at first as some of the skeins were a bit tangled up but after a while it began to come together.

To give you a hint of just how difficult it is to work with…almost all of the skeins had several yards wrapped around the outside of the skein. An indication that a project had been started and then unraveled and the excess had been re-wrapped around the rest of the skein.

Almost all the skeins looked like this!


I continued to feel crummy but I at least had something to do with my hands rather that try and strangle my beloved husband!

Thursday, September 9

Think crochet…not homicide!

Friday, September 10

Still crocheting and thankfully everyone is still alive and well!

Saturday, September 11

I felt much better hormonally speaking of which I was very thankful for!

Never let it be said that my hubs cant savor the moment. I gave him a present for his 50th birthday.

Seeing as he is now….52!


It took him a while to get the weekend booked, his schedule is so crazy and he just never knows when he will be called out of town on a technical issue. So after waiting patiently for his schedule to free up he finally firmed up is plans. We drove out to the Atlanta Motor Speedway for his Richard Petty Driving Experience. Y’all he has been hanging around me too long. He had been watching the website and he booked his experience during a special promotion and he got a free drive along for your truly as well. It was AWESOME, and no I am not planning a second careen as a race car driver, it was a lot of fun though!




the concentration….


the cars….


the anticipation…or is that concern on his face…


in the car at last “I wanna go FAST!”


AFTER…..just look at that smile.


We had a great time! The Hubs had an OVER THE TOP good time!!!!

I so enjoyed watching him race around that track.

It was FAST and FUN!

Well that is it for me for this hormonally charge 365. For more head over to Sara’s and link up!

Blessings Y’all

Let’s hope that next week will be better!



The Bug said...

I'm so glad you didn't murder anyone! That would have been very bad. I'm not sure you could blog from prison - & I'm pretty sure they wouldn't let you take pictures. LOL.

Love that your husband got to experience that. Back in the day I think I would have LOVED to do it too - but I've turned into a fraidy cat in my old age.

sara said...

oh I am so glad there is no blood in these pictures!!! usually I know I am hormonal when I start seeing dead bodies!

However, now in full menopause it is not so much my moods as physical issues for me...ugh!!

what a great gift for your husband!! and that last picture said it all!

sara said...

oh I am so glad there is no blood in these pictures!!! usually I know I am hormonal when I start seeing dead bodies!

However, now in full menopause it is not so much my moods as physical issues for me...ugh!!

what a great gift for your husband!! and that last picture said it all!

Kim said...

Oh those kind of weeks are HARD! Glad everyone made it through unscathed :)

What an amazing experience for your hubby! Mine wants to try sky diving or gliding in a sail plane. If he ever gets the chance to do either, it will be solo, 'cause this gal doesn't like to be higher than 2 feet off the ground. LOL

Have a wonderful week!

McCrakensx4 said...

Hope you are feeling better soon...not fun for sure. but you used all that frustration for something good and I bet your prayer shawl is turning out to be beautiful. The Richard Petty Driving Experience is amazaing...a few years ago my mom, sister and I all went in and got it for my dad for Father's Day..he still talks about it! What a thrill and so much fun to watch. He framed all of the time sheets and pictures and it hangs nicely in his den!

RaD said...

Awwww... I hope this week is much better!

Wow! Your hubby does look extremely pleased with his experience. I'll bet he wants to do it again soon...

skoots1mom said...

i soooo love the last picture of him...he WAS on cloud nine
love that happy face!!!

Cathy said...

I hope you're having a better week. That racing thing sounds like fun and your hubby looks like he had a great time.

lailani said...

Oh how real and honest a post! So glad no homicide took place! hehe

What a fun way to ease the hormonal discord - a fun time with the hubs :)

Hope this week is going fantastic and full of ease and peace!

DidiLyn said...

I am so glad to see someone writing about the peri-menopause thing. What is up with this?? I was never depressed until this last year and now it won't leave. Make it STOP already!!
But I still enjoyed reading about your week. :-)

Tori said...

Oh those pesky hormones!! I am so glad you used the yarn for purposes other than strangling!
LOVE the Petty pictures. What a great gift!! My husband would be over the moon with that too!

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