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Friday, September 24, 2010

Flashback Friday ~ Nothing beats a good book!

Did you like to read when you were a child?

I enjoyed reading when I was a teenage, I don’t remember if reading was a huge part of my elementary years! I have one very specific memory of my grandmother. It was a little joke we played on her every time we went to visit her. We would ask her to read Pinocchio to us. She would always say yes but the real reason we wanted her to read it to us was she always struggle with the name Geppetto. Sometimes she would try to skip the pages that had his name on it then it would become another game to try and catch her trying to skip those pages. I would giggle and laugh as she would struggle to pronounce his name. She new that we picked that book because she couldn't say his name but she always read it to us every time. It was a fun game and when I remember it make me smile! 

What were your favorite genres, books or series?

I loved Pippi Longstocking and I remember a series of books about a bunch of children who lived in a boxcar “The Boxcar Kids” I think. I have a faint memory of one book I read a very long time ago and I can not remember the title nor the author. It was about a brother and sister and they were on a treasure hunt around their home for clues left by their father. I wish I could remember what the book was called because it was one of the first books I really enjoyed and I read it over and over again! I loved Dr. Seuss and who didn’t read all those small hardback books with the golden spines, love our “Golden Books”

book cover The Lion's Paw Walt Disney's Peter Pan

Did you read books because of the author or because of the title/plot?

Back in the day it was all about plot and title. If it sounded good in title and the description then I wanted to read it! Now I have some select authors that I love and specific genera’s that I lean to!

Did you own many books?

Not really when I was younger, once I was in my teen years I found that I reserved a certain amount of my meager paycheck for those trips to the book store. I remember usually having a small stack of books on had to read. Being a bit of a wall flower I regularly had lot of time to read.

Did your school distribute the Scholastic book orders (or some other type)?

They did but I never got anything from it. Money was always very tight so there was very little unnecessary spending.

Do you have any particular memories of your school libraries?

Not really. I did volunteer in my daughters school library when she was in Middle School one afternoon a week. It was fun to get to know the children that would come in. After a while they started to recognize me and I began to learn there names, which was a real challenge as there were about 19 different nationalities at this school.

What were your favorites and least favorites among the classics (the ones high school English teachers assign!)?

I absolutely hated “1984” and “Catcher in the Rye” even now as I think about these two book I still don’t not understand there inclusion in the literary list of required reading. I enjoyed reading Shakespeare, especially his lighter plays like Much Ado About Nothing, love that one!

If you didn't like reading, do you like it more today than you did then?

Today I absolute love to read, I would love nothing more than to spend my days reading but domestically speaking that would not be advantageous to both my parental duties as well as wifely responsibilities. I do find the time to read the book I want to read and I have learned that when I want to schedule time to read then I need to be a bit more disciple in other areas to insure that I don’t feel guilty for spending a few hours settled in with a good book!


Well I may go do a bit of reading…

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CherryBlossomMJ said...

I don't know how I forgot about Golden Books while I was writing my post, but I definitely loved these as a kid.

- MJ

Nikki said...

I hated 1984, too, although why I started it, I can't remember. It wasn't required in my English class, so I didn't finish it. I loved Pippi Longstocking, too, and I read her books over and over again.

I'm still figuring out how to schedule a little reading time in my day. If I sit down with one of my books, one of my littles brings me one of theirs to read.

Jim said...

Robin, I loved to hear your story about teasing your grandmother. Grandmothers like to be teased, most of them.

I've never read 1984 or any of the Golden books. My kids have as they came out when some of them were the right age.
I found a paperback Catcher in the Rye with the cover torn off back when I was a teenager. Of course I read it because it was supposed to be naughty, or I though it was. I remember absolutely nothing about that book.

bekahcubed said...

Your poor grandmother! I know I often struggle when reading things aloud because although there are plenty of words I'm familiar with from reading, I often have no idea how to pronounce them. Thankfully, most of the people I read to have no idea either, so I just make my best effort and call it good!

Mocha with Linda said...

Loved the grandmother story! Grandmothers will do anything for their kids!

I never read 1984, but my son did for school and my daughter's doing it right now.

2Thinks said...

I'm trying hard to think of the book you can't remember the name of, but i can only come up with Hansel and Gretel and know it isn't the one b/c they left clues for themselves and besides you wouldn't forget the name of that one.

I liked Pippi's long stockings and hairdo. Still do.

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