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Friday, September 3, 2010

Flashback Friday

I have to tell y’all that movies are about one of my most favorite things!

They hold for me an wonderful escapist quality, which in looking back is probably why I enjoyed them so much growing up.

A perfect day for me are those Saturdays when there is a movie marathon going on on TNT , TCM or any letter combination you can put together!  I just love movies!!!!!!!!!

So with out further ado… her is my Flashback Friday!

What movies were popular when you were growing up?

I remember when Star Wars had just come out. My grandparents were in town for a visit and my Grandpa took me to see it. I was overwhelmed by how wonderful the experience was and I was even more shocked in the reality that he was not as profoundly effected by the experience as I had been.

I was hooked from then on!

Did you go to the movies very frequently?

When I was a little girl we did not go to the movies very often. I am sure a trip to the theater even back then was an expenditure that was saved for only the most special occasions.

In my high school years that was the Friday Night activity. You went to the local movie theater, we only had one so it was a good bet that you were going to run into all the same folks. My and my best friend would plan out entire weekend around what we were going to wear to the movies and checking the paper mid week to see if something new was playing. We would scope out the theater to get the best seats in hope that is was within a line of sight to some cute boy that we had our eye on. I’m smiling just thinking about it!

Now, it’s not much different. With movie prices begin what they are our trips to the theater are only on very special occasion. I will say that we have been burning up the Wii since we learned how to hook it up to the internet and get the Instant Movies, point, click and watch, a movie lovers heaven.

Do you remember what was the first movie you ever saw?

Gee….nope! It was probably an animated Disney film!

What is your favorite genre of movies?

Asking this question is like asking me to pick which of my children I love the most. I have an easier time telling you which genre of movie I dislike the most, and those are the slasher/horror movies. When I go to the movie I want to be entertained not frightened or grossed out by horrific blood and guts.

I love a good science fiction movie,romance, action adventure, westerns, musicals, comedy's, drama…you name it and I'm there baby!

What were your favorites then, and have they withstood the test of time?

My list of favorite movies is quite long. It’s hard to pick.

If Guy’s and Dolls, South Pacific, Father Goose, Operation Petticoat, Hello Dolly…. is on television then I’ll watch it…

When Loretta is kicking that tin can down the street in Moonstruck…

“I don't know nothing about birthing no babies!!!”

I’ll Be Back!”

Remember what you have learned…save you it will!”

I have a strict policy that nobody cries alone in my presence!”

“Doc, you made a time machine out of a DeLorian!”

Show me the money!!!”

I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog tooo!”

Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”

“Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?”

I could go on and on and on… but I will spare you the rest of my repertoire of memorable movie lines!

Do you have any particular memories associated with movies?

I have a fait memory of going to see the ‘Sound of Music”

It continue to this day to be one of my all time favorite movies. I do remember having a sudden wave of awareness one day in my adult life while watching it one day. I can remember having some very confusing thoughts about who and what a Nazi was. Why were these folks running from them and why were they so bad? It was not until I got older and learned about WWII in school that I finally understood what the movie was all about!

I have two additional memories that have always stuck with me.

Those little moments with your children that get seared into your memory for all time. When my son was about 4 or 5 years old I was trying to get some household chores done. I set him down in front of the television with my newly purchased VCR tape of “ET”

I will never forget this as long as I live. I was busily getting all my chores done and I was so happy with my self for thinking of such a wonderful solution. I was even more impressed with myself that the movie  was in fact holding his attention. I can see his little face right now just like it was yesterday.

I came down stairs and was about to turn the corner heading to the kitchen and I caught a glimpse of my son sitting only inches way from the television screen, he tuned and looked at me with this devastated look on his face. He had the biggest tears welling up in his eyes and he wars looking at me with such sorrow in his face. I looked up at the television and recognized immediately what had happen. I dropped my pile of laundry in the middle of the floor and rushed over to him and scooped him up and we sat on he sofa and I kept reassuring him that everything was going to be OK.

Just watch honey!” as I dried his sweet little tears. I was cursing myself for being the worst mother on the face of the earth for not thinking about the scene where ET dies! I sat with him on my lap comforting him as he cried his little eyes out for this sweet little alien who had just died. I kept telling him that it was going to be ok, knowing that in just a few minutes it really would be ok. Only my sweet little one had never seen this movie before so we sat together and waited.

Watch what happens next honey” I said.

We sat together and watched and then he looked up at me and this look of completer relief came over his face. He had such a sweet look on his face when he realized that ET was not dead and all was right with the worked. I let the laundry sit at the bottom of the steps and together we watched the rest of the movie.

The second memory I have which I guess helped wipe the slate clear as far as my previous “Worst Mom Award” and movies goes was the day my son came home from a friends house. He began to tell me of this amazing movie that he had watched. He began to tell me of this shinny gold robot and a small silver robot and big guy in a black helmet and these really cool swords that glowed all blue and yellow. He was so excited as he described them to me in minute detail.

Come with me!” I said.

I walked with him over to the hall closet. I opened the door and in the video rack that hung on he back of the door resting nearly in a row were  ‘Star Wars”, “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi” he looked at me in disbelief.

“You mean we HAVE these movies!”

I was now the coolest mom on the planet! I had bestowed upon him a treasure chest of amazingness and his joy was complete.

Don’t ya just love those small little mommy memories! He watched those movies until the tapes practically wore out!

Was buying snacks a regular part of the movie experience?

When I was younger and had my own money I remember what a treat it was to get a big box of Milk Duds and a bag of pop corn and what a wonderful combination that was. The sweet, the salty and the chewy all at the same time!

Now it’s a whole other ball game.

I REFUSE to pay the HUGELY UNREASONABLE prices they want for popcorn and a drink. In some theaters you will pay more for the snacks than you will for the ticket.

Even now I have been know to empty out my largest purse and pop a few bags of microwave pop corn and stick a few cans of soda in it! I know you are not supposed to do that, but on this particular issue of what is right and what is wrong I err on the side of my need to be economical rather than following the letter of the law! When movie theaters decide to stop charging OUTRAGIOUS prices for pop corn them I might return to my normal rule following self!

What was your favorite movie snack?

See the above answer :)

Have you ever been in a movie or seen one being filmed?

No, but that would be way COOL!

Well that’s it for me and my Flashback Friday. For more movie fun y’all head over to Mocha with Linda and link up!

I just love movies y’all!

In fact I have a Netflix DVD sitting next to the television right now calling my name “Love Happens” and we will probably give it a shot this weekend. What I really want to do is ignore all the stuff I have on my plate today and just nestle up all by my lonesome with a bowl of pop corn and a coke and enjoy this move all by myself. I will however restrain myself and save it for later maybe tonight or tomorrow evening. Oh the sacrifices I make for my loved ones!





Mocha with Linda said...

Loved your memories! I didn't see Star Wars until years later; in fact, I think all the Star Wars movies had been released before I saw the first one!

Amen on the theater snacks.

edshunnybunny said...

I really enjoyed your post! Written like a true movie lover! I especially loved the great movie lines!!!
How cool is it that I, too, am watching Love Happens this weekend. It should arrive in the mail today! I hope it's good! Have a great weekend. Kathy

bekahcubed said...

I love your "worst mom ever" and "best mom ever" stories. Nothing like having your child discover that you're actually "cool" (or at least into "cool" stuff)--and the poor little fellow crying over E.T. Awww...

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