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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A New Normal...

I am not sure I even know where to start. So much has happen over the last two weeks with the DD surgery and hospitalization and now were are at home and learning about a new normal.

The surgery and hospital experience were defiantly a first for me. I have been in the hospital numerous times but this was the first time experiencing it from a parental point of view. It defiantly changes your perspective a bit when the focus shifts from yourself to your child.

I can defiantly say that Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital is the place to be if your child is experiencing any kind of medical issue. The entire hospital stay was handle with compassion and everyone there (with the exception of one or two nurses and technician who were problematic) really understood the unique situation in dealing with concerned parents and sick children.

We had an endless supply of DVD’s at our disposal and for the most part the nurses were very responsive and timely in dealing with the unpleasant bumps the DD experienced.

I think what touched me the most were the very small babies and toddlers. Every time I would hear a cry of pain ring out at various times as a shot or an upsetting “something” was happened it just broke my heart, first for the parent who had to watch as something painful happened to there child and then second for the child who did not understand why “whatever” was causing them pain was happening.

I would just close my eyes and say a prayer for the easing of pain for whatever situation was taking place at the time. I would also lift up a prayer for thanksgiving that my DD is old enough to understand that some things are necessary even if they are uncomfortable and that the discomforted will eventually lessen.

That is not to say that the moments of unpleasantness haven’t been met with some frustration, she is a teenager after all and I have had to take a deep breath on many occasions and just gently guide her through her moments until they are over. Back spasms are a very painful thing and I am thankful for the muscle relaxers we have on hand.

I will have to say that the hospital stay wasn’t nearly as unpleasant as I had anticipated. The DD room was set up so that a parent could stay with the child, in fact it is encouraged that the parent stay for the entire hospital stay.

I was skeptical when I first saw the sleeping arrangements but however I am glad to report that it was not as uncomfortable as I thought upon first looking at it.

So here is a picture of my tight sleeping quarters, It was a futon sort of contraption that folded up into a sofa and then flopped back out into a bed for sleeping.

I was also extremely thankful for the Wi-Fi access the hospital provided. It was amazing at how this small convenience made me feel less isolated and able to connect with the outside world even if it just meant checking my emails or being able to pass on updates or seeing all the new comments on the DD Care Page.

So here is a picture of command central for my hospital vigil.

My link to the outside world.

I was able to watch the occasional DVD while the DD slept and I even was able to visit blog or two.

So we are home and adjusting to a new normal.

For all my wonderful followers I have to give all of you a huge thank you for hanging in there with me through all of this.

I promise not to obsessively report every small bump in the road where the DD is concerned and to get back to my normal life observations for the old blogosphere.

So as a parting gift I am going to post the before and after pictures of the x-rays.

If you would like to see them you can scroll down a bit.

If you are of the faint of heart feel free to move on to your next daily blog fix!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!!!!!


This is the initial X-Ray taken in January.

At the time of surgery the curvature had increased by more that 10% from this x-ray.

This is the x-ray they took just after the surgery! I'm no expert but this looks pretty darn streight. The orthopedic surgeon thinks he was able to get the amount of curve back into the teens or even the single digits.

From a layman perspective it look like he achieved his goals.

Thank You Jesus for medical technology and the skilled hand of the surgeon and everyone else how cared for my DD.


Kim said...

Glad you're home and adjusting to the "new normal" :-) Continuing to pray. The difference in x-rays: amazing!

Glad that overall the hospital experience was good. There'll always be a few bad apples but when the majority of staff are committed and caring, it makes all the difference.

Granny on the Web said...

So relieved the worst is over for you. So traumatic when it is a child. My son sleepwalked and out of a window when he was 7, and he subsequently had to have a shattered kidney removed. I have never prayed so hard all night long for God to watch over him. We nearly lost our boy.
He is now a minister with The New Frontiers Church, and is living in Dover, New Hampshire, USA. Hallelujah!
Love Granny

lailani said...

Wow! I have been out of the loop for a couple weeks, I am sorry I have not been around to comment and cheer you on with the others.

That xray is amazing - I agree, looks pretty darn straight!

I hope the new normal levels out to contentment very soon for you guys.

a portland granny said...

Those x-rays say it all. What an amazing correction....and what a difference her adulthood will be because of this surgery. Hope your new normal continues to get better and better. These re-cooperating weeks might get a little boring for her, but with friends and visitors around, it too, will pass.

Blessings on all of you!

Terri Tiffany said...

happy for you you could stay there with her throughout it all! And wow--her Xrays look so much better!! It probably was so worth it!

2Thinks said...

The new spine looks fine- amazing, a miracle. Best to her as she heals up.

Lking said...

MyGrand daughter had the same surgery last December in Houston, Tx at Children's hospital there.. She is 14. She did extraordinary well. She now takin PT for the stiff back, but is doing very well. Hope you Daughter does as well

Susanne said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Praying for a quick and smooth recovery for your child. It is so traumatic when it is your child, isn't it? The x-ray looks good! So amazing what they can do! I personally know 2 teens who have had this surgery in the last year. My daughter was diagnosed with true scoliosis but hers is looking very mild and the doc says it looks like she's pretty much done with growing, so if at the next visit nothing has changed we are free and clear.

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