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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Line em up or toss em in???

Well we are down to the last few days before the DD surgery. I have been making my mental lists of things that I need to do prior to setting off for the hospital as well as getting things in order here at the house. 

I had an interesting moment in the closet the other day.

I was doing the annual seasonal shifting. It was way past time to move all my sweaters and winter clothing to the spare closet. 

I was standing in the doorway looking at my side of the closet.

This is my side of the closet...
(edit: when I look at this picture I notice that nearly all of my shoes are black, this tells me two things. One: I am extremely fashion challenged. Two: I have an extreme aversion to shopping and black shoes will almost all the time go with everything.)

Then I turn and looked at the DH side of the closet and I had to laugh. 

This is the DH side of the closet...

For the first few years of my marriage the DH's rather fastidious tendencies toward neatness was a major bone of contention (still is sometimes). Over the years I have come to love the fact that all his shoes line up side by side on the floor of our closet. 

As I set about transferring all my winter sweaters and other cold weather clothing from point A to point B I had what can only be describe as a "Joan Crawford" moment.


began to run through my brain. 

After it was all said and done there was a collection of wire hangers in a tangled heap on the bathroom floor and all my cloths were neatly hung, not organized according to sleeve length and color like the DH side, but at least they were all on nice white plastic hangers.

Now I know that y'all are riveted at the state of my closet and I promise that the only person I traumatized with my wire hanger tirade was quite possibly the dog. He thought it was great fun chasing after the hangers as they came sailing out of the closet. 

My Joan Crawford moment aside, there is a reason for my momentary laps into organization. 

In an effort to be proactive and to lay the foundation for an additional 27 years of marital bliss I figure that when I ask the DH to bring me my... from the bedroom closet on his next trip up to the hospital it had best be where he can find it or I might wind up with the ratty shoes reserved for digging in the garden and the hideous blue seersucker shirt dress that is reserved for those dire moments when nothing else is clean. 

Over the years we have leaned to balance our strengths and weaknesses against each other. 

To his credit he compassionately overlooks the sate of my side of the closet and continues to line up his shoes in nice neat rows and hang his shirt according to color and sleeve length and me, well I just toss em in!

This may be my last post for at least a few days, as I said in my previous post, I covet your prayer for all of us as we make preparations for the DD surgery on Monday, I'll check in when I can.



Sassy Granny ... said...

I'll be praying for your whole family, and especially dear daughter, as your hospital days unfold.

Loved the closet/compatability comments. I tend in the direction of your hubby, while my hubby and you would get along well - - that is, if he could find you beneath the piles (of whatever) he considers "organized".

I have come to treasure our differences, if not the Lord's sense of humor. Truly he is Ying and I am Yang. I'm thinking it makes for a pretty song even if a bit messy.

God bless you.

Granny on the Web said...

Loved this story of the closet affair. How noble of you to try and make it easy should DH need to fetch you something. I hope he appreciates that thought. I remember seeing that Joan Crawford film and I was real sick for those kids.
Prayers for the next few days as you attend to DD and the surgery. God is watching over you all.
Love Granny

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Good post. Love what you shared here.

Shall I confess I have nothing but wire hangers in my closet that holds WAY TOO many clothes, to begin.

skoots1mom said...

ya 'jes had 2 go remind' me i have to clean out that closet, dint cha?
oh well, it's got to be done.
if you don't here from me 2night, you'll know i've fallen into the abyss of clothes, hangers, shoes and luggage that awaits me!

Sarah said...

How did my closet get in your house? Tell me that.

And you are in my prayers. A little over a year ago we were making similar preparations for my DD. Just thinking about it brings back *that feeling* in my stomach.

Just Be Real said...

Robin, thanks for sharing. I thought I was looking at my closet, but then I realized I cannot even see into my closet. Thank you for sharing your heart here. Blessings.

2Thinks said...

Best to you in the surgery process. I very much dislike (my mother taught me we never say "hate") wire hangers.

Visit me sometime at my blog and say hello there.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You are seriously cracking me up. I have had the wire hanger moment, too. Cleanse!Cleanse!

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