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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Knock, Knock

Who’s there….well it’s me!


After a very long break from blogging, well long break for me that is. I have decided that I will try to be a bit more proactive with my blog.

Thanks Dana for the bit of encouragement, it is nice to know one is missed from time to time :)

Sometime ya just don’t have anything ta say…and sometimes ya do…

I have been spending a lot of time working on my pottery and I have started painting again so my time has been a bit divided by my creative pursuits. I am having more fun than should be allowed, however it can be a bit of a downer when the reality of life interrupts the fun. Having to stop and be a mom every now and again can be a real drag…those pesky parental duties such as collage visits and senior portraits.

All I can tell you is that back in the dark ages we did not do things like college visits or senior pictures. We all got the same blue velvet off the shoulder drape and that was the end of it. Now they do multiple changes of clothing, different back drops with props no less, and all this can be yours for the bargain price of wads of cash. The whole process took about an hour plus, between multiple outfit changes at the various different staging areas. I was entertained by just sitting back and watching.

I saw the main man, the BMOC. I actually had to explain to the the girlchild what Big Man on Campus meant. But this young man defiantly fit the description. He was a football player and there was no denying it by his physique. I think the tee shirt he had on may have been spray painted on, it actually had a small rip in the sleeve for effect as if his muscles had actually burst froth from his shirt.

Also when did bra’s become an accessory. There was one girl there who had changed into a short backless dress, it was about two sizes to small, extremely short and like I said backless. I mention that the dress was at least two sizes to small as I could see the small clasp at the back of the dress straining to remain in place, I also notices that the clasp on the back of her bra was likewise straining to remain in place as well. I had this mental image of what would happen in the event that both the clasps were to give way…not a good thing.

Then there was the young woman who was trying her best to dress like a young man, complete with baggy gym shorts, oversized white tee shirt that hung to her knees unlaced converse tennis shoes and baseball cap on backwards. What’s up with that…I had an idea but it was an unkind thought so I will keep it to myself.

A good time was had by all…

Well I think that is enough for one lazy morning that has suddenly morphed into afternoon. The Hubs just left to go help a friend and I am on my own. I have multiple stimulating household chores to do and grocery shopping to get done  so I thought I would prolong the laziness with a visit to the blogosphere.


Well not to bad for my first foray back after a break.


I’m on my laptop or I would post a picture of my latest painting and pottery but I don’t keep picture on this computer…





1 comment:

The Bug said...

Oh yay! Glad to have you back!

Our senior pictures were taken at a park, but we didn't get to change clothes. I feel shortchanged!

And I did visit campuses to decide which college to go to - I didn't want anything too big so I needed to check it out myself :)

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