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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 20

Sunday, May 13 ~ Mother’s Day

Went to church, came home took a nap, read, sent the Hub’s and DD out for fried chicken that evening for supper and basically had a wonderful day. It was a perfect day to spend listening to the rain and resting!

Tuesday, May 15

The son and family were coming over for dinner so I made a trip to the produce market. I had gotten some really good corn and cantaloupe the last time I was there. I have decided that due to the reality of the poor produce at most grocery stores it simple does to pay to purchase fresh produce, the last batch of corn I bought at the grocery store was not very good and neither was the cantaloupe.

However I did have to really work for this last purchase. I got there at 10:00 only to see the sign on the door that they would be open at 10:30, no worries I drove down to Starbucks and got a cup of coffee and then came back…..30 minutes later still no proprietor. I waited and waited, passed the time with a phone call to a friend a waited some more. Finally after ANOTHER 30 minutes I gave up and went on to the grocery store.


I did manage to make it back out to the market later in the afternoon and it was worth the extra effort as the corn was excellent as well as the cantaloupe. I programmed their number into my phone so I can call before I head up to make sure someone is actually there before I make my next veggie run!!!!!

Before everyone arrived for dinner I did a quick pick up. I think I must have some form of newly diagnosed shoe disorder, as I looked around I spotted several piles of shoes and yup they were all mine! It’s a good thing the hub’s really loves me….because that woman he married is a slob!


My son brought me a belated Mother’s Day gift, a Starbucks card and one of their cool travel cup’s! I cant wait to break this one in!


Just a few shots of the summer color in the backyard!

stitch backyard may 2012 edit


Wednesday, May 16

Just look at this awesome blue sky!


It seems that Elmo has hypnotic qualities………………………………………………………


Thursday, May 17

Skoots1mom had one of these last week at our girls group and was raving about it! I had to go and get my hair trimmed and its just down from the Starbucks so I popped over after I was finished and picked one up! When she is right she it right! Very good and refreshing! I give it a thumbs up! I hope everyone likes it and they decide to keep it. It is being tested in this area….


Friday, May 18

It was waffles for dinner….and they were really good!


Saturday, May 19

It’s a vicious circle, I know I should be more physically active yet when I try a simple thing like going up a small set of steps…kaplouie, the knee goes out! Needless to say I am more than a bit frustrated and irritated. It hurts, I’m cranky and I am tired of feeling like an old woman, yet when I try to take a short walk my knee shouts a giant OUCH! It is getting on my nerves in a major way!


Well Miss whinny cranky pants is done for the week!

How was your week? For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!



sara said...

I asked my son about that drink and he hadn't heard of it! boo! sounds so good!

praying your knee gets better....maybe it's time to see the doc?

your yard is gorgeous!

skoots1mom said...

i'm bringing over some crutches, a pork roast, green beans and some other stuff...i'll call you b4 heading that way ;)

semperfi said...

Sorry about your knee. Praying for a quick recovery.

The Bug said...

Sorry about your knee, but can I get special delivery from Skootsmom too?

LOVE those flowers & that gorgeous sky :)

Kim said...

Hope your knee is doing better!

Sweet corn sounds soooooooo good! Have an ear for me, will you? :)

I'm so happy we have a Starbucks in Cordoba now! We recently ran out of the stash of coffee I brought back from the states, and with Starbucks so close we were able to buy a couple bags there. YUM! I've just never found good coffee any place else here. But our Starbucks doesn't have fancy smoothies and stuff. I guess most Argentines just want their coffee :)

Praying for your knee!

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