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Friday, May 25, 2012

Being Seventeen . . . the Inevitable Frontier

I explained to my husband yesterday when he came home from work that unbeknownst to him we had officially transitioned into a completely different phase of our parental experience.

It was that thing that all parents know will happen eventually but try to avoid thinking about.

I stood in the driveway and watched my child hop in the car and head off to the movies with her bestie behind the wheel of the car.

"Bring seventeen . . . the  Inevitable Frontier. These are the teenage experiences of the parental mother-ship Be Still and Know . Her mission : to remain calm as her daughter pulls out of the driveway for the first time with another teenage driver heading off to the movies, explore strange new feelings of panic ; to seek out comfort and advice for those that have traveled this road before her; to boldly state “Be sure to text me when you get there!” – Robin, Be Still and Know

Of course you must hum the theme for Star Trek to get the full impact of this profound statement!

Thankfully the DD was receptive to the rules, she was obedient and let me know when she was coming and going and so far so good!

It is going to be a different and interesting summer y’all!


1 comment:

skoots1mom said...

congratulations DD, you passed the first trust test ;)

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