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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Then and Now…

Sometimes when a moment happens it just hits you right out of the blue.

You know those moments that will be a part of your memories forever more.

It was simple enough, we were sitting at the table eating dinner Saturday night. If you visited here on Sunday and read my 365 post you will see further pictures about the Birthday dinner.

The birthday celebration was memorable, but I think what I will remember most is this.

I was watching my granddaughter exuberantly enjoying her corn and this memory flashed into my mind of 20 odd years ago. A nearly carbon copy of the exact same moment was being played out before me.

We were camping and there was a sweet blue eyed, blonde haired corn covers baby perched at the end of the table. The high chairs were even nearly identical! I watch my granddaughter and remembered my son and enjoyed my little trip down memory lane in a mothers heart!

Then ~ 1990


Now ~ 2010


Blessings Y’all



skoots1mom said...

grandmashave THE BEST perspective :)

Rose said...


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