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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 24


The Hubs and DD just headed out the door to church. I however have made the ultimate sacrifice and have decided to keep my blossoming cold and all the nasty germs that go with it to myself. I am always willing to share, except for a very few things… a cold being at the top of my list. It’s hard not to share things when you sleep in the same bed, decades of programmed kissed on the cheek and loving pecks as you head out the door, we try to switch to foreheads during colds but sometime without thinking one gets by us and BLAM, it’s my turn for the sore throat, sniffles and generally feeling yucky!

I have been faithfully taking my Zycam since about 6:30 this morning when I woke to a scratchy throat and a stopped up nose, yea for me! I sent the hubs off with instructions to bring me a new bottle of Zicam home after church and hopefully I can head this one off at the pass. 

Moving on to more pleasant topics, as I am still able to sit upright and my fingers still work I present to you with much sniffling and coughing my week in pictures.

Sunday, June 6

I think just the essence of Sundays, the restful flavor of the day, refueling and connecting with the Lord in worship and connecting with my sofa in the afternoon are just to wonderfully overwhelming to allow room for picture taking….it’s sufficient to say I took full advantage of both my worship experience and my nap! 

Monday, June 7

More from the backyard garden!

IMG_2186  IMG_2180   IMG_2183 IMG_2184

Tuesday, June 8


Wednesday, June 9


Hummingbirds! They love the Canna Lilies! 



Thursday, June 10

I got to see my sweetie on Thursday. We met at the McDonalds for lunch and then went to a local indoor playground called Monkey Joe’s to play for a bit.


I’m not sure which got more the floor or her tummy!


She had a blast on all the bouncy inflatable's!



A Flash-forward in about 15 years!!!!!



Friday, June 11

It’s time to pick to squash at the Co-Op Garden!

Look at the difference a few weeks makes….This  first picture was taken on May 9th….


Look at it now! IMG_2250 IMG_2251 IMG_2252IMG_2253IMG_2254 

My friend dropped off almost 15 pounds of fresh yellow squash at the Co-Op!


These amazing orange flowers are growing wild all around the perimeter of the garden. They were very popular with the bee’s that morning! 


Tucked under all the orange was this tiny show of white morning glories hiding under the brush!


Saturday, June 12

A  “New Blossom” arrived in my garden!


With the hubs back from his extended business trip we took the opportunity to celebrate my DS belated birthday. We through some ribs and chicken on the grill and I picked a small mess of green beans from the garden as well as a fresh salad made for home grow romaine lettuce, we had corn on the cob (quite possible my favorite veggie in all the world, but as my DD corrects me “It’s not a veggie mom, it’s a starch!” my reply “Yes! I know it’s a starch, Hush up!”  as the fake butter and salt and sweet kernels envelop me in a moment of summer wonderfulness. It was GOOD!

The Grandbaby enjoyed the corn as well. A Girl after my own heart! Gotta love that corn!


The mess above necessitated the customary after dinner dip in the tub!


We had celebratory chocolate cup cakes and my traditional Campmeeting Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream, a long time favorite of my son’s. My Beloved, “Mr. Goober” was so impatient and with his penchant even now as a nearly grown adult to still play with fire had the candles light and then had them blown out before I could get my camera even powered up. I quickly asserted my maternal right and we re-light the candles and I made him do it over for posterity.

Please note the perfect “I’m blowing out my candles” face for the camera!


Everyone enjoyed the Ice Cream and Cup Cakes.



This chocolaty conclusion of course lead to bath number two!


All in all it was a wonderful time of family, laughter, good food, lots of sweet baby kisses and hugs and fun playing on the Wii.

And YES! I won at Frisbee Golf!

It was GOOD!

For more 365 y’all head over to Sara’s and join in on the fun!





Dena said...

Your granddaughter is just too cute!! I love the bathtub photos. You can see just how much she loves her bath. :)

Happy birthday to your son. i love that you made him do it over for a photo. Very funny!

Kim said...

Lovely, lovely flowers! Yummy, yummy vegetables! I am seriously jealous of that sweet corn :D

Such a sweetie pie! She's growing up so fast!

Have a great week :D

Tori said...

All of the garden and flowers still looking gorgeous!
Those hummingbird shots were great!
I love messy babies...and that you bathe her makes you a SUPER grandma! :)
Feel better and have a super week!!

He & Me + 3 said...

I am so jealous of your beautiful garden and the harvest you are getting already. so yummy.
Cute bath pictures and dirty baby shots. They sure know how to make a mess.

skoots1mom said...

make a mess and clean it up...our world in a nutshell ;)

Elizabeth said...

I am jealous of the lovely garden and the produce bounty. I can't complain too much... I have a little garden which has given me 2 little cherry tomatoes and 2 cucumbers so far this season.
I love the bath pictures... too adorable!

sanjeet said...

You can see just how much she loves her bath. :)
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Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Love the hummingbird/lily shot!

How fun to see your garden really take off! Good growing!! ;)

Ha ha! I KNEW from the moment I read the words "cup cakes" that there would be another bath on the horizon!! Very cute.

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