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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Tree and My Little Sock Monkey

Here is the money shot prior to the carnage of unwrapping.

My tradition of rising early and getting the coffee going allows me the privilege of having a few quiet moment alone. However now that my little ones are nearly all grown up the chaos of Christmas morning is a lot calmer.

In fact I had to finally go and wake the DD up after I had endured the peace and quiet long enough.

Mom wanted to open some presents!


But moving on the really important things…My Little Sock Monkey on her first Christmas!

She had a wonderful time playing with all the torn up paper and empty boxes.



Merry Christmas Y’all



Stay tuned for a post about our snowy adventures at Biltmore Estate and an exciting tale about the perils of 7 minute frosting and a chocolate cake extravaganza!


lailani said...

lol! My 13 year old was ready at 8:50; 16 year old had an alarm set for 9:00; the 19 and 22 year old were sleeping until someone woke them. I understand - but I don't miss the 7:00 carnage - I will take the 9 a.m.! but NO later! Merry Christmas!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Oh my GOODNESS that is the cutest little outfit I've ever SEEN!

Almost makes me want another baby so I can dress her up like that!


:-) Merry Christmas! You have a beautiful home, too.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Cute, cute picture.....Love it....So glad to be back to reading my favorite blogs....and off a ladder decorating trees...
I am so glad that I joined the blog world....and have made so many sweet friends....Blessings in 2010

Kim said...

"Mom wanted to open presents" lol

Where did you find the adorable sock monkey outfit? Too cute!

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