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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Biltmore: Part II…The Conservatory

Just down these steps and a short walk from the main house is the Conservatory.

Logan's Biltmore Pictures 12-2009 133 

There were no restrictions on picture taking in there so having been restrained for the better portion of the day I had an absolutely wonderful time snapping away to my hearts content.


It was just amazing inside. If you are a regular visitor here at my blog you will know how exacted I get over God’s creation, and boy was He showing of in big way inside the walls of that conservatory.


Logan's Biltmore Pictures 12-2009 146 Logan's Biltmore Pictures 12-2009 147 Logan's Biltmore Pictures 12-2009 150

Here is my tropical adventure in the middle of a winter wonderland!

Y’all take my advice if you make a visit to Biltmore make sure you take the short walk down those steps and explore the Conservatory.

To sum up our visit to Biltmore, it really made me think. On the way home my husband and I discussed how different life must have been, and the reality that we have no concept what it must have been like growing up with that sort of privilege. Cornelia Vanderbilt, the only child of George and Edith Vanderbilt grew up on the estate. Edith Vanderbilt gave birth to her daughter right there on the estate. The room she gave birth in is included on the tour of the now open up upper floors.

There are pictures of Cornelia swimming in the fountain (the one that was frozen over outside the front of the house) as a young woman.

The lifestyle of the Vanderbilt's is something that in this ere we can not even come close. The attention to detail, the appointments in the rooms. The great lengths that Mr. Vanderbilt went to insure the comfort of his guests and even his staff were amazing. All the servants rooms all had fireplaces and they all had rooms to themselves.

The Vanderbilt's began a tradition of throwing a yearly Christmas party. At this celebration presents were presented to each member of the staff and their children. That tradition is still continued to this day.

I do not know for certain but I came away with the sense that Edith not only relied upon her staff for the running of her household she also counted them among her family as well.

One final recommendation.

If you do find yourself with an opportunity to visit Biltmore, I would highly recommend spending the extra $10.00 for the audio tour. It was well worth the extra expense. It provide me with lots of additional information including stories of humorous things that went on and personal insights of some of the guest that stayed at the estate.

One story which I think will give you some insight into Edith was very sweet. One year as the children were receiving their presents one of the little girls was not happy with her gift. Apparently she was not at all enthused with her paper dolls, Edith questioned her and asked “Well what do you want for Christmas?”

The little girl pointed to the Christmas tree behind her at one of the beautiful glass ornaments. Edith walked over to the tree and removed it and gave it to her. Every year after that when she made her yearly trip to Europe (again another example of things we have no comprehension of) Edith made it a point to purchase a glass ornament for this little girl.

I think that is very cool!

Well that’s it for our Winter Wonderland Adventure in North Carolina.



Up next Gingerbread…


skoots1mom said...

absolutely magnificent...good post!

Kim said...

My husband loves orchids so he'd go nuts in the conservatory :-) The botonical gardens in D.C. have a room totally devoted to orchids and that's his favorite.

Great photos!

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