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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Road Trip - Part Two... Trapped in the kitchen, A fire in the oven and Easter Morning at the waters edge...

Well you were witnesses to my arrival on Thursday evening in Florida.

but here is what you did not see.

My friend and I spent a few minutes making plans for the next day. There was shopping to do and lots of food prep to get ready for the wedding. I rested for a bit after my long car ride and then sent myself off to bed.

The next morning we headed off to the ever faithful Wal-Mart for the necessary food stuffs.

We returned home with our car packed to the brim. I spent the next few hours washing, chopping, peeling and assembling the necessary veggie trays, fruit trays and other array of wedding foods for the next day.

The mother of the groom was to arrive in a few hours to make preparations for the rehearsal dinner and since I was already ensconced in the kitchen I pitched in a helping hand. Between the two of us we made short work of the dinner. Aside from a small fire in the oven which burned itself out in short order, it I'm sure will be one of the more humorous stories of the rehearsal dinner for years to come.

"Y'all remember when the oven caught fire at our rehearsal dinner???? what a hoot!!!!"

Anyway after being on my feet for nearly the entire day, (there may have been a glass or two of pinot griggio involved as well) I gratefully fell into bed and promptly went into a coma, my feet were throbbing and I was mentally going over all that needed to be done the next day.

Early Saturday I got into full blown wedding mode. The house was buzzing with young people. Bridesmaids and groomsmen were swarming everywhere and every idle hand was put to work either decorating or moving rented table and chairs or running the last minute errands.

I started early assembling the last minute fruit trays as well as other things that were to be served that could not be prepared the day before.

Well the wedding was a huge success. The weather was beautiful but the bride out shined our surroundings. The day was simply perfect.

I did take a moment from my preparations to enjoy the wedding ceremony, I mean I did drive all that way and I felt invested in this child as if she were one of my own.

I will admit to brushing away a few tears as I watched this young woman walk down the beach on the arm of her father.

It was sweet, and perfectly fitting this young couple and their youthful casualness. The four family dogs were even in attendance in there very own wedding attire.

Immediately after they were officially pronounce husband and wife I dashed straight away to the reception to remove the Saran Wrap and place the last of my platters in place and put the final touches on the all the various trays.

Aside from the hordes of locust young people that descended upon the buffet things went spectacularly. You would have thought that the hordes of locust young people were refugees from Ethiopia as there was barely a scape of food left over when it was all said and done.

At then end of the day I again fell into bed exhausted but happy that the day had gone well!

Having arrived late Thursday evening and then spending the next 48 hours chained to the kitchen working I would love to say that I was able to spend some time on the beach, but sadly I only got a precious few moments on Sunday morning.

What a way to celebrate Easter!

So with no further adu' I gladly submit the final segment of my Spring Break Blog Mini Series for your viewing pleasure, well maybe not pleasure exactly but it will at least give you something to do for the next few minutes.




Granny on the Web said...

What a busy time you have been having, and all that driving too. Lovely memories to keep and share.
The wedding looked to be quite conventional, except for the setting and the fact the bridesmaids all had partners too!
Lovely place to get married... sigh, the young of today have a lot to feel thankful for.
Love Granny

lailani said...

Oh how busy! This was great, I wondered what beach you were on and then as you started your trip home, I thought hmmmm, that all looks familiar. So I went back a post (I am playing catch up today) and it was Cape San Blas! I love that area! My MIL has a home in Mexico Beach and we go over to the cape by boat mostly.

Glad you had a good, all be it exhausting, trip!

skoots1mom said...

thank you for sharing...it was fun even if i didn't get to put my toes in the sand!
ok, i'm calling janice to get our reservations...and we won't be standing in the kitchen all day when we're down there, ya hear??!!
fun trip
beautiful wedding
you were an angel for them, ya know??

Kim said...

Of course I watched all the way to the end! LOL I couldn't bear to miss anything :-)

Those were some seriously gorgeous houses in that one little town. I've always had a hankering to move to the deep south, to a little town where everyone knows everyone else.

Hey, I sorta did that except it's WAY, WAY south. LOL

scrappysue said...

what a weekend! gorgeous photos. thanks for stopping by

Together We Save said...

Wow, what a trip, you were so busy. Beautiful though. I love the beach it would have been really hard for me to resist no matter how much work I had to do.

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