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Friday, April 3, 2009

A Quickie....

A Quickie post this morning because ..we're of on vacation ...and I know what y'all were thinking!!

We're off!

I have to do one  more load of laundry, clean my house, give instruction to the dog sitter, pack and make all the last minute trips for various thing I have forgotten, but we are off. 

As soon as we drop the DD of at Church in the morning to leave with her youth group for their spring break retreat the DH and I are of on our own little spring break. 

We are headed to Savannah. 

I hope to get a picture of this fountain in person to share with all of you!!!!!

We have an "in" at "The Lady and Son's" so we might actually get table,  I have been wanting to go to this restaurant forever. The DD is totally jealous that I m getting to go and she isn't (we are both huge Paula Deen fans) but that's life. I plan to torture her with my good fortune (well maybe not, but maybe a little) so we're off for a much needed break!!

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring Break and I will be back when I hit the home front again!!!!!



lmerie said...

Have a great trip! We are about to leave on a one night camping trip (shortened due to weather :))Be sure to be on time for Lady and Sons - we missed ours by 10 minutes. My brother and SIL had stood in line since 8:30, we were traveling from Albany and running 10 minutes behind. Because we were not there, they could not save the table - but we still had fun. Enjoy your trip!!


Sassy Granny ... said...

I'll just bet Spring in Savannah is amazing! Have a blessed, restful trip. No doubt you'll have some wonderful anecdotes to share upon your return.


Kim said...

Have fun, fun, fun! We'll look forward to the photos and the stories. I hope you get in to the restaurant too!!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

See ya when you get back!

Terri Tiffany said...

Happy Vacation!!! the weather there will probably be wonderful!!

godlover said...

Robin, have a great time away. We all need that once in awhile. This was Palm Sunday and I couldn't get the Lord out of my mind. Whatever I did, I did with a fresh awareness of the gift of salvation that He offers to each of us. I knitted this evening and went off into my own little world with Jesus and the Father. My mind was free to linger on His promises and meander through His various teachings. What an awesome God we have. Easter week is always a special time for me, as it most likely is for so many others. It's filled with symbolism and saturated in history. Our history. Today was of course communion Sunday as well as Palm Sunday so it was a double treat. Looking forward to our Seder Passover scheduled for Wed night. A spokesman from the San Francisco branch of Jews for Jesus will be here to conduct the passover and I'm finding it difficult to wait for it to happen. We had a wonderful Seder last year but we did that one on our own. It will be interesting to see what light Mr. Abramson can bring us. Friday and Saturday will be the Stations of the Cross. Very meaningful. Anyway hope you have a wonderful time away. It feels good being back with my blogging friends. gdlvr.blogspot missed them all.
In Christ's love,

a portland granny said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip you will be doing. I surely like the looks of that fountain.

You'll be surprised how much your baby doll will grow in the week you are gone! Isn't she wonderful?? I knew you would fall in love--

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