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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Prompting

Edit: (Wednesday Morning 10-29)
As I was composing this past last night, I was trying to locate a specific scripture. A friend and I were talking about the circumstances of the comfort I had received and then the comfort I was able to give in return. She mentioned the scripture and then due to my short term memory loss I could not find it last night. This morning God supplied it through one of the comments I received.

God is faithful to provide in all things!!!!!!

2CO 1:3 -4
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4 who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.

Sometimes I get a glimpse of how things are supposed to work. When I get these glimmers of the plan and then things fall into place I have to shake my head and at how simple it all really is.

When I see evidence of the faithful and obedient servants who go about their day doing there ordinary things and then something happens.

A prompting.

It could just end there, but it doesn’t.

I don’t know about you but in those moments when I receive a prompting I can either choose to be obedient or I can choose to go about my day doing what I want to do. I think that is true for most of us. I think of all the times in my faith walk where I was either to immature in my faith to be able to understand that I was being prompted or I have to confess that there have been many times when I felt the prompting and allowed my fear, my lack of faith or simply being to busy to hinder my actions

From a prompting, from someone’s willing obedience God works.

You see I received comfort today from an unexpected place. In fact because it was so unexpected, well that just added to the uniqueness of the blessing.

All morning long I pondered on how amazing God is in knowing exactly when things need to happen and how best to place blessing in our lives.

As I was leaving the office this afternoon I in turn had an opportunity to respond to my own promptings. I could have just walked out of the office, I had stuff to do, things to take care of but my time was simply that, my time.

God gently spoke to me and said….. you have time.

I responded to this prompting and was able to give comfort, support, love, a listening ear, a hug, prayer and an opportunity to share my faith with someone else.

As I walked to my car an hour later I saw so very clearly how things fall into place if you will allow God to guide you.

This morning someone I do not even know was obedient and responded to me out of a desire to share and give comfort.

In the span of five hours I was offered up an opportunity to give that same comfort and compassion that had been freely offered to me to someone else.

It was like the precise inner working of a fine time piece. The perfect timing God has when we are willing to just simply be obedient to His plan.

I offer up this opportunity for you to either share an experience of being prompted to respond to a call from God or to share an experience where you received comfort from someone else’s promptings.

I pray that you will be blessed with open ears and an open spirit so you may hear the gentle whisper of God.


God Chaser said...

It is amazing how God works He just never cease to amaze me. today I got a call (God speaking/prompting very clearly as I think about it) that someone needed comforting as she had lost a love one. I called and was able to offer her some comfort. Tonight my devotions took me to 2Cor 1:3-4 which or course is about God comforting us so we can be a comfort to others and than I come to your posting and Wow! May I pay more attention to His promting because usually they are much more softer than today. Be blessed

Sassy Granny ... said...

Maybe it's because I'm older now, but it seems to me that hardly a day passes that I don't observe this unique economy of the Lord's. The give-and-take of life when comfort is embedded (either the giving or the receiving) is so like Him!

You used the words "obey" and "obedience". That's huge for me. It took years - and, in fact, continues today - for me to understand how directly related are my obediences and His movements. He has redeemed each and every one of my life experiences in time - the rewarding ones, the trying ones, the shameful ones, the precious ones, the hurtful ones. He has made my losses gains, and my gains a testimony to His grace.

What good words you've given for pondering today. In His economy I believe they come under the category of "well done".

Be blessed,

Sue said...

I've been looking for a Christian blog to post a comment on. Many of them talk a lot about politics. I like this post, so I thought I'd comment here.

I sometimes am not sure if a thought I have is a prompting from God or not, but when I walk in faith, and act on it, God blesses it. Other times, I don't, and then miss out on what God may have done, or else maybe it wasn't the right time, or was just my own thoughts, anyway.

As I was gardening today, and thinking about my new blog, it occurred to me to write my story of coming to faith. I didn't know if that was God prompting me, but I did it.

I am not sure what direction my blog will take. I am thinking it's about every day Christian living. We'll see. I want God to guide me, but I don't want to be pretentious and say what I write is from God. Does that make sense?

Terri Tiffany said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I really enjoyed this post. I had a prompt last night and didn't want to act on it at first because I felt inadequate and uncomfortable. A person I know is having some difficulties and all I had to do was walk over and offer a listening ear. You know, when I finally did it, God gave me the words I needed and oh what a blessing it was.
Last year, this same person listened when I needed a time to cry as well.
God does this so often in our lives. When we act on the prompt, he is always there by our side.

Technonana said...

Oh.. Sassy Granny, us grannys think alike.
Lately, I have had a prompting of my own... I haven't had time to compose the words I need to say.. but 'in God's time' it will come.
The Master.. still teaches me DAILY, I am but a child in His eyes!!

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