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Monday, October 13, 2008

God's sence of humor .........or maybe I'm just not thinking clearly

Between naps and bouts of trying to hack up a lung I managed to get in a bit of study time.

God has an amazing sense of humor as well as timing.

As I sat swaddled in my favorite blankie sipping my hot tea and nursing my nasty cold I began to delve into the multiple accounts of Jesus healing the multitudes. They came to him one after the other the blind, deaf, lame, diseased and demon possessed. He never once turned any on away.

As my head swims though the haze of congestion and other unmentionable (not to mention nasty) bodily fluids I have to attempt to chuckle without busting out into yet another cough fit.

I can also give another huge praise for how great my God is. As is sit wrapped in my blanket and bathrobe with my head feeling like it is floating somewhere above my neck surrounded by discarded wads of used Kleenex and empty packets of alka seltzer plus I weakly wave goodbye to my DH, who had to leave on Sunday for a business trip to Puerto Rico, yes tropical beaches, sunshine, palm trees……

I am trying to remember that I really do love him and that we have had 26 happy years together (hack hack, cough, cough, blow, blow).

Well my sweet DH has just called not only to see how I was feeling but to confirm that it has in fact been raining since he landed and that he has had to spend all his time working.

My heart breaks (hack hack, cough, cough, blow, blow).

I feel better than I did yesterday and I hope I will feel even better tomorrow.

Thank You Jesus for your compassionate healing, alka seltzer plus, Kleenex with lotion, hot tea and toast, a thirteen year old who read me a story an rain in Puerto Rico!

When my head clears I hope to post something that actually makes sense.

(hack hack, cough, cough, blow, blow)


Technonana said...

I don't know how it works, but my daughter told me that she was told to put vicks-vapor-rub on her children's feet and then put their socks on, for headcolds... it's suppose to help with the hacking cough. Anyway that's what her pediatrician said... it couldn't hurt!!! Oh and God really does have a sence of humor!!!

godlover said...

Sorry you're down for the count and hope you get to feeling better ASAP. Colds are just miserable little things. It's amazing how something as small as a germ can make us feel so lousy all over! I haven't had a cold in several years now and I'm hoping to not break this stint in any way.

Had an early dinner at my son's house yesterday. Good food and great company. I'm so happy to have him attending my church now!! I've prayed for years and years for that to happen. My son, saved! Praise God!!

I know I owe you an email, Robin, but you're not the only one. I owe emails all around. Sigh. I just never seem to take the time. I need a schedule. Oh yeah, that's right, I already have a schedule. Sigh! I need umph! My throttle is stuck on idle it seems. It's running smoothly but isn't taking me anywhere. Maybe I need to shift it into gear. Hmmmm. Today my Granddaughter and significant other are moving into the house they bought together. If you're going to live and act like you're married, why don't you just get married??? Makes no sense to me. But the Lord is working in her life. Bringing her around. Slowly but surely, I see Him working. I really will send an email one of these days. Take care, Robin.

Ruthie said...

Sorry you're still coughing. Vicks is good. We always use Ricola Honey Lemon with Echinacia Cough drops - they really soothe the throat. And the Echinacia builds up your resistance to the cold.

Feel better.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You're entitled to a little good-natured, "Nah-nah" to the husband. By the way, have you tried the Puffs that have Vicks in them? They are magnificent.

Kim said...

Sure hope the cold passes quickly. They're no fun! I am a fan of the Puffs Ultra tissues because I think they're softer than Kleenex. But not the Puffs with lotion. Those things make me feel like I still have something in/on/all around my nose. Ick!
I was overjoyed while unpacking this week to discover I'd packed a BOX OF PUFFS ULTRA TISSUES!!! I have set them aside for when I'm sick and my nose is sore from all the blowing. 'Cause I do believe the tissues here are rough enough to wear my nose right off my face.
Praying you get better soon!

Sassy Granny ... said...

Another blankie wrapper! Whether ill or well, I love curling up in my fuzzy comforter. Hope you feel better soon!


P.S. I've "tagged" you on my own blog site so don't be surprised if you have some new fans showing up.

Cyndy said...

I hope you are feeling better. My favorite remedy is Airborne a couple of times during the day and Nyquil for a couple of nights in a row. Oh and some chicken soup, a warm blanky and some tea.

Technonana said...

Come over sometime,(you can't be that far away)and we will watch Steel Magnolias together!!!
Hope you are feeling much better!!
I was feeling crudy this past week-end... it ain't fun!!

Terri Tiffany said...

I saw the name of your blog on Sassy Grandma's and had to stop over. That is my life verse and so it drew me here. Hope you get to feeling better!I hate colds.

godlover said...

Robin, my comment to you was saved onto Broken Vessels for some strange reason. Really strange! How could that possibly have happened? Computers!

Tina ♥ said...

Hello...I found your blog through Cyndy's comments. I hope you get better quickly...ugh, colds are the worst! Take care and God bless,

love, Tina :)

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