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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

She played the Harp

I have had the opportunity to wait with friends in hospital waiting rooms on several occasions. However as I sat with friends and family members yesterday we were pleasantly surprises with the arrival of a woman pushing an interesting looking cart. My curiosity was piqued as I saw her approaching awkwardly maneuvering her cart. Upon this cart she had a small harp. It was anchored in place with what appeared to be a bicycle rack and jutting up from the base was a music stand made from what looked like an odd assortment of plumbing apparatuses. I comment to a friend that it rather looked like an invention from a Dr. Seuss story book.

She took a few short moments to properly position her self and her harp and then began to play.
We continued to share conversation and wait for the surgery to be over, but there was the wonderful undertones of the soothing harp music playing in the back ground.
I thought to myself that this was a rather a unique experience, the harp music turned what can be a very stressful experience into a soothing and even enjoyable experience.
She played for about an hour and then she quietly exited, I can only assume to move on to other areas where waiting was going on.

I can only assume that this woman was a volunteered, and I never saw her again once she moved on from where we were seated. The music she played made the experience of waiting soothing and even beautiful, and I wanted to acknowledge her presence and her contribution to our time of waiting.

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godlover said...

One of the times I was hospitalized it was over the Christmas holiday and long about 11:30 Christmas Eve along came a single flutist (sp?) who walked up and down the darkened hallway playing Silent Night. I thought at the time how she'd given up her holiday so that she could give us ours, anyway it was very selfless on her part and I, as a patient really enjoyed her music. We need more people like them willing to give of themselves for others! Didn't you just feel blessed? I know I did.

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