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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 11: I can’t believe it has been three years…

Monday, March 12

I bought on of these on Monday. I am still learning about all the features this has. However It has gone off several times this week. I can tell you that when it does go off it will defiantly get your attention. Especially if you are not prepared for a shrill blast to go off. Talk about jumping out of your skin. I think there may be a way to make it not be so loud but then doesn't thank kind of defeat the purpose.


As well as being prepared for the next wave of sever weather to come through I am stocked up on birthday cake supplies. Seeing as there is a birthday cake in my future later in the week this is a good thing.


Tuesday, March 13

Muffinhead woke up to thunder and heavy rain. We had to go watch for a few minute at the window to assure ourselves that everything was ok and the rain was going to stay outside.

Grandma: “Good morning sleepyhead.”

Muffinhead hears the thunder: “It’s raining in my bedroom.”

Grandma: “No! It’s raining outside!”


Thursday, March 15

Experimenting with rolled fondant. Muffinhead’s mom and I were contemplating using some rolled fondant on the birthday cake. I found some all ready prepared fondant at wal-mart the other day so I bought two boxes. It was a smidge expensive, but I figure you only turn three once, right!

Well we were less than impressed with how it tasted and were weighing the decision of using it on the cake. I decide that rather than cover the entire cake with something that did not taste very good that I might make some of the smaller decorations out of it. I have never worked with fondant before. It is sort of the constancy of play dough. It worked well for rolling out and cutting out some of the decorations.


Friday, March 16

Let the decorating begin……….

 IMG_8928 IMG_8930

All we need now is a knife and some paper plates!


The cake looks good…the kitchen not so much!



Y’all may remember when I did some pantry organizing in the fall of last year. I have been enjoying having my jam’s and things with in arms reach in my kitchen.


The DD and I made a run to get our hair cut on Friday afternoon. When I returned home and walked into my kitchen this is what I found!


The only thing I can surmise is the the glass was not thick enough for the weight of all the jars. One of my husbands co-workers sent home several jars of tomatoes he had canned as well as a big jar of peaches and some tomato sauce. I think the addition of the extra weight was just to much for the glass shelving. The majority of the jars fell behind the shelf unit and landed in a heap between the bottom of the shelf and the baseboards. The rest of them rolled to various places all over the kitchen.

The miracle in all of this was that I have one of my grandmother crystal platters on the shelf directly below and thankfully it was not broken.


There was glass all over the kitchen floor and it had even traveled as far as the sun room. Since Friday afternoon I have mopped the floor about six time and I am still finding sticky spots. The second good thing is that with all the glass jars that were on the shelf (about half as many as were in the first picture) the peaches were the only thing to get broken, aside from the shelf that is.

Saturday, March 17It was Muffinhead’s birthday today!

I saw this Tinkerbelle costume and just could not resist. She hit the ground running or flying I should say and had a wonderful time.

One….                                                  Two

IMG_0922 IMG_5322




Well that was my week. Messy kitchen and birthdays.

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up.





WOW What a beautiful cake. I am so sorry about the peaches....and you were busy this week. Loved every single one of the shots.

semperfi said...

The cake is beautiful!!! I have never used fondant because of the taste. I have a friend who has experimented making his own, taste better than the store bought stuff, but still I prefer icing when covering a cake. Great job.

Delilah Love said...

Wow! That cake is gorgeous. Y'all did a fabulous job. I love peaches and I would've cried if I'd come home to see that mess. It looks like you had a great week! I hope this week is just as great. Have a wonderful Sunday.

rita said...

Beautiful pics to share your week.Oh, so sad about the mess and the loss!
And such a happy birthday celebration!
Isn't that just the way life is? Happy and sad always in the mix, yet one constant--the Lord Himself ever the same.

Kim said...

Such a beautiful cake! Perfect for Muffinhead :)
So sad about the broken shelf and peaches, but glad nothing else suffered permanent damage.
Have a great week!

beckyjomama said...

That cake was AMAZING - now I am even MORE bummed that I couldn't make my girlie's cake this year. I may have to make it up for her half birthday or something!
That stinks that your shelf broke - and wasted peaches make me wanna cry!

The Bug said...

Oh I LOVE the cake! And Muffinhead is just too cute in that Tinkerbell outfit.

So sorry about the shelf breaking, but I'm glad you only had one casualty...

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