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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pet Peeve….Am I the only one? Gas Station etiquette…is there such a thing any more?

I was on my way home from church this morning.

My tank was dead on empty.

I pull into the Quick Trip to get some gas.

I circle round once, circle around a second time, still not a free pump. I finally pulled to the side and waited for several minutes. What I noticed was that almost everyone who was pumping their gas just left there car and leisurely walked into the store to get additional purchases.

Is it only me or have the rules of common courtesy changed.

I sat in my car and waited for several minutes for a pump to free up. I was amazed at how many people simply without a thought to those waiting to pull into a spot just left their cars in front of the pump and went into the store.

Am I placing my expectations to high?

Is it an unwritten rule that only apples to me?

Secondly, am I the only person who understands that if you pull into a gas station and there are two pumps and you are the only car there you need to pull up to the furthers pump so that someone can pull up behind you and you will not block the pump.

After watching almost every single person simply walk away from their car after pumping their gas and not even bother to notice that there were other folks waiting to get gas. I was floored by how thoughtless and unobservant most of the patrons were.

Lord forgive me for this rant about one of my pet peeves, but it just flies all over me when I see people who are so wrapped up in their own little world that they fail to recognize other people or even consider that there are other people who their actions impact.

Am I the only one who understand the rules?

and I spent $75.00 to fill up my tank….




skoots1mom said...

i found a couple of other people who have run into frustrations at the pumps...i sent you links on FB;)

Mary said...

that drives me crazy, too. People have gotten so selfish of late.

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