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Monday, November 1, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 44

Well my weekend was so totally over full that I simply did not have time to get my 365 together until today (Monday morning) so you will have to forgive the late entry.

Sunday, October 24

Sunday was our Church’s fall festival. It is held out at our campground. We have all the fun games for the kids, inflatable's, hay rides, free pop corn, hot dogs, cotton candy, snow cones, cake walks, face painting, chili cook-off and lots of other fun things to do.

Muffinhead had a wonderful time!


Grandma got her an orange snow cone and the very first thing she did was to stick her entire fist down in the snow cone. This facilitated the need for a copious amount of napkins, notice that I am strategically holding the little wet sticky hand giving it a gentle shake so she will drop the fist full of orange colored ice into the grass and not all over me and every one else!

Needless to say Grandma tossed the snow cone to avoid further sticky fun-ness!


“Just get one!” says grandma as she dives in with both hand and come out double fisted.


Auntie L took Muffinhead on the big inflatable slide :)


She LOVED the inflatable jumpy thingy. The had one reserved especially for the toddlers and younger children. She climbed in bounded to her heart’s content. After trying to reach in multiple times to retrieve her and failing as she would gleefully bounce out of reach, we ended up having to send in one of the fourth grade children’s helpers to fetch her out for us.


A hay ride!


It was really fun y’all!

Monday, October 25

Do y’all wait until you are completely out of everything before you go to the grocery store?

Over the last few months I have been trying to really make good use of my pantry items. I have been attempting to make sure I used everything up and not wasting food. Given the state of the economy I think it is very important that we all start begin better stewards of what we have.

With theme in mind I had pretty much cooked my pantry down to the bare minimum. I was out of just about everything and my pantry was echoing out of sheer emptiness. I made the necessary trip to Sam’s Club for the bulk staple items like cereal, toilet paper and other things and then made a stop at the grocery store to replenish the rest of the needed items.

For as much as stocking up wears me out there is something so very gratifying as well as humbling to recognize the blessing in a full pantry and to know that I can feed my family. As I was tossing my canned goods into my cart I tossed a few extra in for the Co-Opp, remembering those who don’t have a full pantry makes me even more thankful for the blessing we have.


Tuesday, October 26

Well it’s underway. Acrylic on Canvas #2. Last time I did not graph out my canvas and I struggled with proportion and depth. This time I think the extra steps it takes to measure out a grid on my reference photograph and then transfer the grid to my canvas will make a big difference. I think this extra step will really help with my perspective as well as getting things in the right proportion.


Wednesday, October 27 ~ No pictures :(

Thursday, October 28

English Muffin recipe batch number two. If you want a step by step of the process you can click here for my post about making English Muffins.



Friday, October 29 and Saturday, October 30 ~ No pictures :(

Y’all my brain is still swimming! Our church hosted a Ray Vander Laan  Conference this weekend. He is the creator of the That the World May Know” series and ministry. The Conference started on Friday evening and then it went all day on Saturday and concluded on Sunday at out 11:00 worship service.

I am still pondering all that I heard. His teaching were very interesting and put things before me that I had not thought of before. I am still trying to sort it all out in my head. Basically his message is to look for the meaning in the scriptures from the perspective of the Eastern Hebraic point of view. I’m chewing my lip a bit as I think on his interpretation a bit.

The conference was very interesting, Mr. Vander Lann was a very passionate extremely knowledgeable, in fact I can probably say I don’t think I have ever been to a biblical conference where the speaker was a well versed in scripture, all translations, all languages (Hebrew, Greek and Latin) as Mr. Vander Lann. I walked away with a very clear picture of just exactly how much I did not know!

If you ever get the chance to hear Mr. Vander Lann speak then I highly recommend it. My husband and I are pondering and will be defiantly praying about the upcoming plans to bring him back to our church in 2012 as well as the possibility of putting together a trip with him from our church to the Holy Land. We need to start planting that Money Tree right now to have enough saved for a trip to the Holy Land with Ray Vander Lann, that much I know for certain.

Well I know I am a day late but y’all head over to Sara’s and link up or just go over and give a look at all the folks who did manage to get their Project 365 post up and running when they were supposed to!





Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my word... that is one busy bumblebee!!! :) so cute!

Those homemade English muffins made me drool a little... yummmmm

The Bug said...

Muffin head is SO CUTE! Let's do P365 for years so I can watch her grow up. Heh.

Those English muffins do look really good. I might have to try your recipe.

skoots1mom said...

she has a fuschia colored stripe under the nape of her neck so you can only see it when she has it in a ponytail or up in a bun...it would often peek out as she threw her hair back...

Judy said...

Fun pictures!

I have heard Ray Vander Lann. Good stuff for sure. I'd love to hear a whole weekend's worth!

a portland granny said...

Your little granddaughter is getting so grown up looking! She is adorable. Its a fun age!

Tori said...

Muffin Head is one super cute bee!
A full pantry is indeed a blessing.
Can't wait to see your canvas as it comes along!
Have a great week!!

McCrakensx4 said...

Those english muffins look yummy. lovin' that super cute little bumblebee...she looks like she had a great time!

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