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Friday, March 13, 2009

A psychological disorder relating to skid resistant socks?

The other day as I was doing laundry (my favorite thing to do...NOT!) and as I was putting my socks away something caught my eye.

One of these.

I proceeded to dig though my sock drawer and low and behold I came up with not one but






and then the latest pair which brings the grand total to seven...

Six pairs of fuzzy hospital socks with the rubber skid resistant treads on the bottom and one pair of something called an anti-embolism stocking. This pair of socks has an unusual opening at the bottom that exposes the pad of your foot.

What’s up with that I am wondering?

I thought to myself ‘Why do I keep them?’

I think in all the years and all the various medical procedures that have been preformed upon my person I have never once worn them outside of the hospital setting.

I have a vague memory of being extremely desperate once during an especially cold spell. My sock drawer was woefully empty due to the fact that all my really nice warm fuzzy socks were in the wash. I think I may have actually worn a pair only to discover the uncomfortable feeling that the attractive rubber treads made against the pad of my foot inside of my shoe.

So here is the question I have to ask myself.

Why do I keep them?

Is it because they hold some sentimental value?

Do I really want to remember with fond reminiscence the times I have had surgery or some other necessary medical procedure?

Is it laziness? That one is probably the closest to being the truth.

Or could it possibly be the fact that for each pair of skid resistant fuzzy socks that accumulates in my sock drawer also represents a sizable dent in our medical budget. The hospital may have only paid a buck and half for each pair wholesale but I feel certain that they felt justified in charging me an inflated price of $37.50 for each stylish pair.

My answer, practically speaking, as to why I have not thrown them away is simply due to the fact that I abhor waste. The thought of tossing a perfectly good pair of socks in the trash goes against my better judgment. Let us totally set aside the fact that I will never wear them ever, unless there really is global warming and I find myslef in another ice age, I’ll be protected against an unnecessary fall on slippery glacier.

However as I pulled them out of the drawer and saw just how many I had accumulated over the years I was a bit taken a back.

Visions of those talk shows where they profile women with hoarding issues come to mind. I can see the piles of debris as they pan through the hallways stacked with overflowing Rubbermaid bins full of dry cleaning hangers, Burger King ketchup packets and stacks and stacks of skid resistant socks.

Is there a physiological disorder relating to skid resistant socks?

Am I alone in this shameful recognition?

So what do you do with them?

Toss them?

Keep them?

Wear them?

Make sock monkeys?

Hi my name is Robin and I have a psychological sock disorder!


skoots1mom said...

you don't want to throw away anything that hugs you...
i think that makes perfectly good sense :)
btw...speaking of hugs...i hugged your beloved about an hour ago...he saw me buying gas, stopped and brought me uptodate on his life ;D
great post...i laff'd

you should give the socks to family promise or good will; no, i know, you can make hand puppets with dd...decorate them all differently...with various colors of wild hair, earrings, button eyes...would be fun to play with a granddaughter some day!

Deborah said...

Hi! I noticed someone visited my garden blog by way of your blog, so I followed them back to say hello, and thank you for adding my blog to your list. Nice 'meeting' you!

Lking said...

Mu husband likes to wear those from the hospital. He has to wear a compression stocking on one foot and the socks keeps his stocking from wearing out so fast and his stockings are expensive so I am glad to give him the socks, mu daughter even gave him a pair.

Terri Tiffany said...

LOL I vote Goodwill! Some person might really really need them but it is evident you don't! You know how you let go of the hair---do the same with the socks!! Stretch yourself!!;)

Ruthie said...

That's too funny. I think I have a few of those tucked away also. I thot I would use them for a really cold day - and guess I haven't used them either. LOL.

lmerie said...

That is cute! Maybe there is a not-for-profit that collects medical stuff for 3rd world countries :)

mtnest423 said...

Thank you for leaving a comment with such encouraging words on my blog. Being the parent isn't easy!

skoots1mom said...

go here and read the blog, it involves a goat...i think you'll laff

Kim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kim said...

Let's try this again...I'm dyslexic in the morning apparently...

I'm SURE there's got to be SOMETHING you can re-use those socks for! LOL You reckon it's because we were raised by parents who went through the Depression?

And being married to an MK has compounded my inability to throw anything away. Growing up his family made use of EVERYTHING.

It's the same mentality that made me "clean my plate" all these years, and we see where that got me.

Lking said...

Odd socks could be used as a glove duster and then wash or throw away!

rita said...

I really enjoyed this post! :)
Made me smile and I relate to it!
MK, can't throw anything away.
I like the duster, furniture polisher idea, and the feel-better-about-throwing-them-away-after-very-soiled concept.

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